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What do you believe happens when we die?

2022.01.23 09:06 fordman1956 What do you believe happens when we die?

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2022.01.23 09:06 SpringBadger596 Fuck zodiac signs, crispy apples or soft apple

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2022.01.23 09:06 CheckLow3236 Join

Hi, I am inviting you on behalf of Saxa. Come and join our group on Fambase! Click:https://joinfambase.com/invite?c=xGrrOxGP
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2022.01.23 09:06 MatelisLt Add a Hardcore mode to official matchmaking

Add the hardcore (squads) gamemode to official matchmaking.
In this game mode HUD is limited Hitmarkers are gone
Lead indicator on planes are gone
Penetration indicators gone
Friendly fire is ON
This mode is for the more people that are more on the hardcore side. Would be a more realistic mode than the arcade squads
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2022.01.23 09:06 Ocean__Breeze Help

I hate my wifi i was gonna trade val19 for easter then i lost connection and crashed 👨‍🦲
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2022.01.23 09:06 InformalHistory4702 Thanos origin and the Eternals

Note: this is strictly a fan theory (much more of a story which tells us the theory) i came up with in my head and i think it goes pretty well with all the info we've had. I think Thanos wasn't an Eternal. He didn't have cosmic energy. But it's just my personal theory. Also if you somehow happened to think I don't like eternals, then fyi it's one of my favourites. And lastly, if you did come across a theory like this, written by someone else, then my greatest apologies , it's purely coincidental.
*Many years ago Thanos was born into this universe, he opened his eyes for the very first time, an innocent little child...but there were screams. Not of Thanos who was quiet but of his mother. His first ever glimpse of this universe was his mother's horrified face looking at him with hate...most children get faced with a loving hug from their mothers, but all he got was hate and an attempt to get him killed. His dad saved his life that day...but how he wished that he would have died...to not suffer this in this, universe...

 Thanos, as a child or as a person never cried, he was a strong boy, quite, disproportionately strong for his age. He was taller than most other children and with that distinct colour of his.. All his life he got was hate, mockery, bullying, torment. He was hurt in evry way possible. His parents despised him, his socializing time was a nightmare for him... everyone around him hated him. Everyone. He was told he was a horrid child, he should die and many more terrifying things , but he never , for a single moment doubted himself. He knew how intelligent he was. He knew what he was. He wasn't a monster. He was a person... 
One would think that such a powerful guy, who can take on 15 of children of his age and perhaps even an adult, would have striked back, but he never did. Beating back was never an answer for him. He never broke. He always maintained his composure, despitnoe all the horrific hate he got for no reason. He always swept away his sorrows away, to corners of his mind , but sometimes the space felt short. Sometimes it felt that there wasn't anyway to forget the greif, sometimes he felt like he was going to lose against the grief which was always trying to overcome him...but he never did. He never cried once in his life. Then came the next stage of his life, by now he was so used to all the hate, it barely bothered him. Or so it seemed...He always kept to himself, always observing, and slowly he came upon the horrifying realisation that his world was going to end if it continued on like it was. People would think that Thanos would be happy his world would end, but he wouldn't be, because even after the hate towards him, he loved his mother and father. They were his mother and father and he loved them. No matter if they couldn't look at him, no matter that they went out of the room and possibly the house if they saw Thanos in it, never mind , they sometimes forgot to give him food. Never mind, he heard the horrific things they said about him which he heard by mistake. He loved them.
And then came Starfox. His parents adopted him. Thanos's life did a 180 (but not quite). Starfox was the first ever person to look upon Thanos as a person and not a monster. Starfox was a bit of a big jerk for sure, but Thanos was happy and grateful to whatever being out there , god, who blessed him with Starfox. But despite the brothers loving each other, Thanos couldn't help but feel jealous. Starfox was everything he wasn't. Smart, lovable, good looking, respected, and most of all beloved. It was the last one which hurt Thanos and cut the deepest into his heart. Especially seeing how just as starfox said, people began warming up to Thanos, but he knew, as much he hated the truth, that all these people weren't really loving him, they were just putting up a show. Starfox was the only person to ever really love and appreciate Thanos. So he told Starfox what he feared. He feared that the world was going to end due to overpopulation. Starfox was worried as much as Thanos was and tried to help Thanos tell the truth to everyone, however this time even Starfox's presence wasn't enough to stop the horror Thanos recieved. Soon after, Starfox began often disappearing for long stretches of time , first it was days, then slowly into weeks, them slowly into months and one day he just never returned.
Soon what Thanos feared happened. The world began to fall apart. People came to him begging but he was forced to look away. He was heartbroken, sorrow and misery blinded blinded him , seeing his mother and father perish. He was angry at his brother, he wanted him to be with him, to help him. 'As if Starfox would have been able to stop what happened..' thought Thanos...his heart shattered...Still he didn't cry. Not even a drop of tear fell.
All alone, Thanos felt himself getting weaker...he caught himself almost crying, but he couldn't, and he was winning the war against his trauma once again...Then, Thanos discovered that Starfox was a god...Starfox could have stopped it...... Starfox could have stayed with him and loved him..
It hit him like a thunderbolt and he felt his head got light, and he felt his reality crumbling apart. He felt himself getting dizzy....and all of a sudden alll that trauma, that greif, that darkest of the dark moments came flooding...he had forgotten to keep his barriers and he had lost the battle against his trauma. It all came flooding down, his barriers could hold no more, the betrayal of the one and only person he loved, his control broke..
For the first time in centuries , he broke down...tears flowed down his cheeks, his gurgling sobs...all that pain...that roaring pain....it was too much... Thanos cried for hours, he tried to control himself but couldn't. He had had enough. He cried for hours. Or even days. He didn't know. He didn't care. He cried. Then all that pain, that roaring pain, turned into anger, then rage and hatred. He could feel himself being overcome, he knew it wasn't right, he had to stop it...but oh, the pain...all that pent up anger for centuries...HE HAD ENOUGH! His rage drove him mad...he broke down completely...he screamed and screamed all the whole sobbing uncontrollably. He had seen mothers hug and comfort their children whenever they felt sad...how he wished of a warm hug. How he wished some soft words. How he wished...love...just love. But it was too late. He had snapped. It wasn't Thanos anymore, it was the Mad Titan. He knew what he had to do. He knew that those legends weren't lies. He knew what exactly he had to do. He would make the universe feel his pain, or some of it and while doing it he would also prevent any of this from happening. He knew ..he knew..he got up, wiped his tears...and opened the door...he knew what his purpose was...he breathed in that toxic air which burned his lungs.Bur he didn't care. It wasn't anything to him. Because he hasn't himself anymore. He wasn't the kind, quiet, observant innocent person he once was. He was Thanos The Mad Titan.*
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2022.01.23 09:06 KingHamza_15 Happy bday X🕊

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2022.01.23 09:06 -P4905- Mahmood | Royal Blood - Loose Change [$] + HDDT (7.88*) 99.20% FC #10 646pp | 84.11 cv.UR | done with frogy cursor

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2022.01.23 09:06 urbanlife78 Harpa – Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Center by Henning Larsen Architects and Batteriid Architects, Reykjavik, Iceland

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2022.01.23 09:06 Comfortable_Cup_2095 Equipment for Sun Tzu

Hello guys, I'm very new to the game and I've been thinking what is the best F2P equipment build for Sun Tzu. Since I started with China I managed to get a lot of his statues, and I'm almost done with his skills. However I started xp-ing first the gatherers which I saw on reddit was the primary thing to do. Now I'm starting to level up him and I've been wondering what are the most cheap and easy to farm items to start with him, because passes will open soon and afaik this is the time when you start with equipement. My plan is to have separate armies inf,cav,arch and max out first Sun Tzu then Bjorn as leading the infantry army. Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.23 09:06 sLAYdemHOES Jimmy G

2019, 6/8 77 yards
2022, 11/19 131 yards, one interception.
He and the 49ers have personally shown you don’t need an MVP QB to win playoff games.
So whatever happens moving forward hopefully the Packers continue to improve, even if that means sub .500 for a few years.
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2022.01.23 09:06 Twizzleen same picture lol

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2022.01.23 09:06 RizzoMF Joke Mod Version 1.4 Now Live!

Joke Mod Version 1.4 Now Live! Download via the mod launcher, Nexus, or the 7daystodiemods website!
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2022.01.23 09:06 vitor_severino A helpful NFT community!

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2022.01.23 09:06 George_WL_ [WP] AI machine learning and real actual Magic, what could go wrong? A lot it turns out

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2022.01.23 09:06 autopunch Vaccine Hucksterism: VAERS and the War on Medical Science

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2022.01.23 09:06 moist_maplecrumpet how can you stop a song from being stuck in your head?

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2022.01.23 09:06 reubenray374 AT&T 5G Service

I am currently using an AT&T Nighthawk M1 4GTE hotspot for my internet. It is connected to an outdoor antenna. In the morning I can get around 50mbps, but it drops to 10 to 25 the rest of the day. I have had this plan for about 5 years and it has served me well. But I an dreading the day AT&T pulls it being I am only paying $24 for unlimited data. So I have been looking for other options. I have been told no by AT&T (online), Cox and I am on the waiting list for T-Mobile plus I have place an order for Starlink. Using the map there is 5G around me, but not down my street. I don't think this is fiber, but I don't know. How can I tell this? Also if I get the 5G Nighthawk and a 5G sim card would I get better speeds? I am in a very rural area.
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2022.01.23 09:06 abishekdesign Hi, I want to make this design better. The crown should be 'I' and 'N'. I want to know whether it is legible. Please tell your thoughts in the comments.

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