Real Reason Why Red Dead Online Is Dying

The reason that The Clown is so low on the list is because of his special. ... Dying Light: Each time the killer hooks a survivor who is not the Obsession, they gain a token. Survivors other than ... Chris Noth Explains The Real Reason Why Carrie Didn't Call 911 in And Just Like That Chris Noth told all on the concept behind the surprising onscreen death in And Just Like That, including why ... Meat Loaf Dead - ‘Bat Out of Hell’ Singer Dies at 74, Family Confirms in Statement — Legendary rock singer Meat Loaf has died at the age of 74. — The “Bat Out of Hell” singer died on Thursday night (January 20), his agent confirmed. — Meat Loaf, whose real name was Michael Lee Aday … + The 95% efficacy is the RRR (Relative Reduction Risk) where the real reduction rate ARR (Absolute Reduction Risk) is less than 2% as per this scientific Lancet study. [link to ] This means you are really not protected much at all, as the architects of this phony pandemic would like you to ‘believe.’ 06/04/21, Italy (29), Dead Giuseppe Perrino (29), former professional footballer, collapsed and died during a charity match for his dead brother, Rocco. News Story; 9/04/21 Bert Smith (56) NCAA men’s basketball Referee collapsed due to a blood clot in his lung during a tournament News Story; 12/04/21 Dead The Reason Why We Dream Of Dead People And What It Means For Us If you've recently found yourself dreaming of dead people, there's absolutely no need to worry because it's not an omen announcing your imminent death. In fact, these experiences are considered to be symbolic images of the transformation of certain aspects of the dreamer's life. Why porn stars are dying at an alarming rate ... she was found dead of a suspected overdose of drugs and alcohol ... often in demand until they’re not — is part of the reason her best friend ... Comic fans know that characters who don't die onscreen can't be considered dead until proven otherwise. Even characters who do die onscreen can find a way back into the world, especially considering how Spider-Man and Doctor Strange have been running amok with the multiverse lately. However, it seems pretty clear that the reason the camera panned away during that climactic moment was to avoid ...

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2022.01.23 08:27 Mickleborough Will Harry attend the Invictus Games?

Tout le monde now knows that Harry is seeking legal review of the UK Government’s decision not to provide him with police security: refresher here (something about wanting armed protection and access to intel).
ITV has questioned whether Harry’s concerns will affect his attending the Invictus Games, to be held in The Hague in April 2022 - he is the patron, after all.
Dutch gun laws seem to be similar to the UK’s - weapons are prohibited generally. It’s also highly unlikely that Dutch Intelligence, the AIVD, will be sharing sensitive data with civilians.
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2022.01.23 08:27 JoJosapiens Oda's comments on his colored artworks (pre-timeskip).

This is a compilation of Oda's comments from the first six Color Walk artbooks.
Cover of chapter 1

As long as there is treasure and the sea, pirates will appear. There is one thing that they want. Twenty-two years after the dawn of "The Great Pirate Age," the legend finally begins on the sea. This is that story.
Cover of chapter 7
Only those who understand him can appreciate it. Monkey D. Luffy is very bad at drawing. Actually, in this picture, Luffy is trying to draw a portrait of Zoro. Luffy just can't draw; it looks just like a skull and crossbones. I hope nobody points out that the fact that Luffy can't drawn was not established at this point in the story.
Poster from Weekly Shonen Jump 1997 issue 50
When I was small, I learned about the mythical creatures called "dragons" in a picture book. In that story, there was a striped dragon.
Cover of chapter 12
Luffy, Zoro and Nami.
Finally, the main components of the story are together. This illustration represents that moment for me.
Calendar from Weekly Shonen Jump 1998 combined isses 4 & 5
The thing that I wanted to draw in this picture was the shadow of the fence. That's about it.
Cover of chapter 28
This is an illustration from a contest in which Weekly Shonen Jump readers submitted ideas for pictures, and the grand prize winner's work was redrawn by me for actual use in the magazine.
To tell you the truth, I still don't understand why Luffy and the others' faces are on the vegetables.
But the drawing that was sent had a good atmosphere. If I recall correctly, it said something like "Tonight's dinner is curry."
Cover of chapter 52
This is the climax during the middle of the story at "East Blue." The Krieg Pirates attack Restaurant Baratie. Nami suddenly runs away. The greatest swordsman in the world appears and Zoro challenges him to a duel. One bad thing leads to another. When I was drawing this I was thinking, "It's just like in the real world."
Cover of chapter 61
Working on a farm seems great. I'm sure it's a difficult job for people who are actually, but what's important is society's image of a farm: laid-back and peaceful.
Right now, it is 11:47 a.m. It's almost lunch.
Cover of chapter 70
The week that I received a color job, I found an old samurai book at a used bookstore.
Of course you have to draw samurai.
Supplement poster from Weekly Shonen Jump 1999 combined issues 4 & 5
After Luffy leaves the village, one person joins the crew, then another, and finally all five are together.
At last, it starts to look like a group of pirates.
Before the series started, the plan was for Luffy to smoothly assemble his crew. But it's okay.
BE HAPPY. Take it easy.
Cover of chapter 79
I wanted to drawn a picture in a Wild West style.
But in this world, the United States of America (probably) does not exist.
The setting is probably a barren land, located somewhere in the West Blue.
Cover of chapter 100
It had been two years since the serialization started and the anime was announced in this issue. This was the one hundredth chapter and the title was "The Legend Begins." I thought, "How cool!"
Cover of chapter 107
I kind of like trash heaps. Sometimes you value stuff that others don't want.
Cover of chapter 111
A night of the full moon. An ancient ruin serves those dark shadows well.
Cover of chapter 117
Giants are big and kind. I didn't want it like that! The big guys are strong and violent. I'm sure that's how giants would be if they existed.
Cover of chapter 128
The best part of this piece is Karoo the spot-billed duck in the middle. Why aren't you flying?! Well, he is a duck.
Cover of chapter 140
I want to eat hot dogs cut to eat like octopuses too... I wonder what the people of the past used that giant telescope to-I want to eat hot dogs!
Cover of chapter 147
A caballo vamo'pa' l mar! It means "cross the sea" in Spanish. I'm pretty sure I looked it up.
Cover of chapter 156
Skeletons of giant creatures are what adventure is all about. This giant beast ruled these parts in the past. In this land where these creatures no longer exist, the wind sure is strong now.
Cover of chapter 175
I had returned from a trip to America when I drew this. I was inspired by Native American fashion. The rabbit...has nothing to do with anything.
Cover of chapter 198
The princess takes a holiday. This would be a lovely day to relax in peace and quiet. Rahh, eek, splash! It's not going to happen when you're adventuring with pirates.
Cover of chapter 201
At the time that I drew this, the world was going a bit crazy. The news was full of reports about wild happenings in countries around the globe. So I drew some doves. Yeah!
Cover of chapter 213
Nothing hits the spot after cooking a meal like a good smoke. The sound of the waves arrives on the sea breeze. The gulls cry: squack, squack, oink, squack, squack, oink... Pigs?!
Cover of chapter 221
On a pleasant afternoon, the great inventor is about to unveil the most devastating alarm clock of the century. Looks like he'll have a chance to test it right away.
Cover of chapter 226
A little tea break after shopping all over town. Once they're done, it's back to that one shop to take a second look at that one outfit, then the other one, then...
"What do you mean we'll have even more bags to carry?"
Cover of chapter 241
At the top of the craggy mountain was a patch of beautiful flowers. Out comes the bold, legendary bird, Red Peep. Now, to capture its glory in a sketch... Hey!!
Cover of chapter 246
Striking a karate pose does not make one an expert in karate. The man dressed in holy white is engaged in a nap. In forty seconds, he'll be fighting the guy with the nose.
Cover of chapter 284
"As soon as they get the chance, they drop right to sleep. And look at you! Are you trying to get ripped in your sleep? All right... Oh, I'll take three teaspoons of sugar and two of milk! All right, check this out. I'll attach goofy noses to your glasses while you sleep."
Cover of chapter 287
Why does beachside ramen taste so good? The flavor's usually a bit rougher than the proper ramen joints in town, and the noodles are kind of doughy. But the atmosphere is perfect. Sanji never compromises on flavor, so I bet this "Pirate Ramen" is delicious beyond belief. Slurp... Man, I could really go for some ramen right now.
Cover of chapter 310
I love the wa aesthetic of harmony. I must admire the Japanese dedication to detail and craft whenever I draw a kimono or samurai armor. If this were manga scene, I'd draw the "Da-doom!" sound effect in more traditional hiragana rather than he loanword katakana for a softer, more Japanese look. Here's a very Japanese version of this black-haired trio.
Cover of chapter 327
This is a piece I drew to fulfill a reader request. It's not a "sea train," it's a "sky train." It's extremely difficult to surpass a child's sense of imagination. This was a very useful exercise for me.
Cover of chapter 357
I thought it'd be a waste of paper to draw a giraffe vertically on these long horizontal dimensions. So instead the giraffe stretches sideways and catches a glimpse of what Nami's reading: a catalog of giraffe fur samples. After this point, the giraffe takes off running. We were in the middle of the Water Seven adventure.
Cover of chapter 364
It's King Sea Hippo! Looks like we know what's for dinner tonight! Everybody get ready to fight! Chopper and Robin are keeping their distance; they're just here to watch. On the distant shore, Usopp's brand new "Usopp Glidecycle" takes flight!
Nami: "To the left!" Whap!
Usopp: "Look out, Luffy! Outta the waaay!!"
So, what do you suppose tonight's dinner turned out to be?
Cover of chapter 373
At the teahouse on the cape, frogs provide a chorus for a scene of revenge. The men wait out the spring rain under the pine tree for their fateful showdown.
"Let's drink our tea when you're done," says Onami, as she spectates. That's an order for five cups of tea and five skewers of sweet dango dumplings. Let's trust in their safe return.
(That's probably not going to be enough dango.)
Cover of chapter 394
Light shining into the deep forest. I saw this sight often when I was a kid, but I never stopped in my tracks to admire it. Now, I think it's just beautiful.
Cover of chapter 405
This was a super-silly, off-the-top-of-my-head manga called "Chopperman" that I drew for a special reformatted release of One Piece. I drew it based on my memories of sentai hero shows and robot anime, and it was so fun that I went ahead and drew the characters in a color spread for the manga in Shonen Jump. I bet the readers back then were wondering, "What's happening now?!"
Cover of chapter 422
It's the final race for the Speedsters Cup!
#34 is the Pretty Shark!
#2 is the Gangster Knife!
#1 is the Missile Dog Number One!
#6 is the Flower Jeep!
The race is heading to the final turn! Who's the greatest speedster on the sea?!
Cover of chapter 426
Welcome to the sky pineapple party! Come visit the party hall by climbing the Long-Long Palm Trees on the island's mountain range. Up here, it's a buffet of freshly harvested sky pineapple. Mr. and Mrs. Seagullson are frequent attendees of the party too.
Cover of chapter 449
Sometimes I get really interested in gothic fashion. There's a lot of black and pink involved. I threw in that red dragon for a bit of improved impact. Does this even count as gothic? Whatever.
Cover of chapter 464
The concept of "cool" is difficult one to grasp. Someone who looks 100 percent cool is cool, sure, but probably isn't someone anyone's going to like. A person with no flaws is boring, that's why. For the tenth anniversary of the manga, the pirates are trying to look cool in suits, but the wise woman Nico Robin puts a stop to that. Yeah, she gets it.
Cover of chapter 483
The law of the sea. The law of nature. Eat or be eaten!
Zoro: "Keep it all in line, Usopp!"
Sanji: "Once that bird bites, we pull!"
Luffy: "We're having giant fried chicken tonight!!"
Cover of chapter 503
I drew this when Brook the musician was still fairly new to the crew and I wanted to create something that would make you feel the music. No, they didn't eat laughing 'shrooms.
Cover of chapter 516
In the first volume, Luffy left for the sea alone. By volume 50 he's got a crew of nine. Suddenly splitting apart the entire crew made me want to draw this piece. All of their meetings are miracles to be treasured.
Cover of chapter 526
I really like the Edo-era artist Kawanabe Kyosai. I wanted to draw some old Edo art. All that stuff is in the public domain, so I'm free to copy it. I found out that drawing with a brush is hard. What do you think of One Piece, Edo style?
Cover of chapter 540
It's dark in the jungle at night. Robin reads an ancient story by the light of a phosphorescent plant. Brook plays quiet accompaniment, and a chorus of birds joins in. Even the animals of the forest have come to soak up history. Robin's mellifluous voice and music make the perfect lullaby for pirates.
Cover of chapter 547
A whole assortment of unique and quirky scoundrels bursts past the enemy formation with one goal in mind. In their hearts, it is the period of Warring States. Real men don't turn back.
Cover of chapter 553
I can't help but draw summer scenes during the summer. Ice cream, swimsuits and water slides. Why does that skeleton have a tongue?
Cover of chapter 566
I went to Shirakawa-go, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and whipped up this illustration afterward. It's one of the few times I've used watercolors. The water was so pristine there.
Cover of chapter 578
Man, I love T-shirts. I'd been thinking how great a really stylish one is, so I drew a bunch of different ones. Then I added Luffy and the gang too, just for good measure.
Cover of chapter 588
Thanks to the recent movie, the entire world is all about Alice in Wonderland now. Even the pirates are visiting Wonderland. This refined, graceful tea party is going to be a raucous celebration before long.
Cover of chapter 595
These nine. I thought I'd never get the chance to draw them like this again. So while I'd typically have them cavorting with some kind of animal, this time I drew just the nine of them together. This is where the story hits a major turning point, and we plunge two years ahead in time. A final illustration of Luffy as a 17-year-old.
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2022.01.23 08:27 pianoperfectofficial Here is my video lecture on Robert Glasper's latest single, "Black Superhero."

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2022.01.23 08:27 Browsingthingsa Taking Minox for head, will I get benefits on my beard too?

I already have decent beard but started to regaine for my head hair. Someone told me that their beard also changed and became much thicker when they started regaine.
Wondering if anyone else has had this experience of it going through your whole system when applied to head, or if I would need to apply it to my cheeks as well.
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2022.01.23 08:27 dustin_harrison "that's not a spear. That's just a kitchen knife stuck at the end of a wooden stick"

Does the above sentence seem natural to you guys? How would you guys say it? Is" stuck" the right word in this context? Also, should the preposition that follows "stuck" be "to" or "at"?
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2022.01.23 08:27 xarisole1 Is the Roborock s5 max a good pick for 6 semi floors and cleaning stairs?

Do you think it is suitable for a house with 6 semi floors? What about the stairs?If i am not mistaken the roborock supports 3 floors, so i guess i will save the 2 most important floors and reedit the last?
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2022.01.23 08:27 cuntagous Went blind in right eye and couldnt talk, read or "think" for 4 - 6 hours, Intense Migraine.

Happened twice now, second time did not effect my vision. Thinking its to do with the vaccine, Moderna. First time happened 1 week after the second shot, second time happened the night of my booster (3rd shot)
First time this happened about 11 am, about to head to the gym. Vision in my right eye slowly started becoming blurry. Over the next few hours I lost the ability to talk or "think" coherently , couldnt read , extreme head ache , pain killers did not help in the slightest. Friend came over and i literally could not speak , tried getting words out, so so strange. about 5 hours after the first problem i started to come right. scared the shit out of me. Oh this was about 1 week after my second vaccine.
Happened again the night of my booster shot , 2 weeks ago. Did not effect my vision, but wow the migraine , head was exploding for hours and couldnt talk or read again.
thankfully these attacks have happened when ive been at home, if these happen again when im at work or driving or could be very very dangerous.

33 yo guy. fit and healthy, never been to hospital.
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2022.01.23 08:27 SufletMecanic Minimalism and fashion ? Is there a middle way ?

Hi everyone, I started to practice minimalism for a few years now ( Im curently 20 ) and I've made a lot of progress, but the things that stress me out the most are clothes . I dont own that many clothes, but some times I feel like I have too many , some times I feel like I dont have enough. And I got bored of many of my clothes, But I dont have the money to renew my wardrob, some of my clothes I feel like are too childish, others I think they are to mature and make me look too serious. Im into street fashion, but Im also into minimalism so... Im curious how many of you guys feel the same way about clothes, I mean I love clothes and when I see people who dress nice It inspire me to do the same, but then I remember how stressful it can be . I'll really appreciate some advice :) Thank you
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2022.01.23 08:27 SendMePics0fYourTits How do you pronounce potatoes? be honest.

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