9n2i4 tiy5t ys4kb s2dt7 tzf2e dh7e2 eeb6s 5n5kf k72bf 3t76b 5k299 6df3h 77r83 84d3d ia98d f2zds 276k6 5e8a7 f8427 sz2yk 46n45 [CARRIE] BOOKS THAT SHINE: A CHRONOLOGICAL REREAD OF STEPHEN KING |



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2021.12.02 00:39 wanksta616 Watching OG Dexter and..

While I love Dexter: New Blood, I really miss the Miami vibe and supporting cast of OG Dexter. Deb is honestly the best character on the show, Miguel and Masuka were fun co-workers you wished you could work with and Miami is such a bright and colorful city. I really miss it all!
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2021.12.02 00:39 fargito1017 Lisa Ann, one of her many scenes with Dingo

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2021.12.02 00:39 heinaga1989 If you're looking for a place to start with DEFI on Cardano, READ HERE

I have been doing some research into defi on Cardano and came across a project with a ton of potential and is focused on simplifying DEFI to make it more accessible for the masses. I created a twitter thread outline information from their platform and whitepaper.
To continue reading look here: https://twitter.com/SteeleTrading/status/1466242276171022337?s=20
or join the Vyfinance discord here: https://twitter.com/SteeleTrading/status/1466242276171022337?s=20
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2021.12.02 00:39 throwawaylurker012 Q: Can someone explain to me if there is any reason at all why current entrenched stock market bigwigs CAN'T run decentralized exchanges under LRC if they stake enough tokens?

This is a short question more than anything, but the question that I had was whether current big figures in the stock market system can't themselves run decentralized exchanges under Loopring according to what's being offered so far.
Per this Kraken post (https://www.kraken.com/en-us/learn/what-is-loopring-lrc) all you would need to operate a DEX would be 250K LRC locked up, or instead staking 1 million without the feature of LRC's on-chain data proofs. I'm sure some users themselves here could already stake 250K LRC, but if a user on a subreddit can why can't a major international financial bank or conglomerate?
I know that there probably is a reason, but I feel I don't want to be wrapped up in hopium or battle-cries for a new system of defi, when so far I don't understand what wall there is to not keep major banking institutions let's say like Goldman Sachs, Chase, HSBC, etc. from all purchasing and staking 1 million LRC each to run DEX under the systems (which is antithetical to the idea).
If you can, plz ELI5/ELIA, I am legitimately interested in this. Not FUD, literally looking to grow a wrinkle or 2.
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2021.12.02 00:39 AliTVBG Demon Gaze EXTRA delayed to January 6, 2022 in the west

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2021.12.02 00:39 ST012Mi [Cayleigh] 1st road win. 4 straight!!! Before the walk-off with Tate, he said “man, that was a tough one.”

[Cayleigh] 1st road win. 4 straight!!! Before the walk-off with Tate, he said “man, that was a tough one.” submitted by ST012Mi to rockets [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 00:39 Agitated_Phrase LaMelo Ball tonight vs Bucks: 36pts/5reb/9ast on 12/22 FG, 8/15 3pt, 4/4 FT

LaMelo went bananas with a career high in both points and 3s made in a game
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2021.12.02 00:39 sonnys3gt Down size wheel diameter?

So I have a 2021 CX-30 GT with AWD (Canada). Stock tires are 18 inch in diameter. Can I go with 16 inch wheels for winter tires? Concerned with clearance for brake calipers etc. The GX model in Canada has stock 16 inch wheels but it is FWD. Not sure if the AWD requires 18 inch or if I can get away with much less costly 16 inch. Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.02 00:39 DivineDollhaus Miniature Gaming Room 🎮💜

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2021.12.02 00:39 ham_fx Just paid 65$ for a special mission Brazil Leatherneck.

Wtf. This figure mostly sucks. I just needed him to finish the set of 5! He was 35$ forever and I blew it off because - sucks. WTF happened where this became a 65$ figure?!?!?
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2021.12.02 00:39 Life-Disk1485 The new event armor looks FANTASTIC on Jiang Jun (P.S: The Virupaksa’s Protection Effect goes perfect with this outfit.)

The new event armor looks FANTASTIC on Jiang Jun (P.S: The Virupaksa’s Protection Effect goes perfect with this outfit.) submitted by Life-Disk1485 to ForFashion [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 00:39 SinAesthetix Trigger Random Samples With 1 Button! (Free Download Included)

Check out my tutorial on making a device to trigger random samples in ableton live, and a free download link for the rack is included in the video description! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjflMXUQSTg
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2021.12.02 00:39 djo_oy 「合成じゃないんですか?」「本当に矢印でかわいいw」 お尻に「↑」模様が入った猫ちゃんに驚きと称賛の声

「合成じゃないんですか?」「本当に矢印でかわいいw」 お尻に「↑」模様が入った猫ちゃんに驚きと称賛の声 submitted by djo_oy to newsokuexp [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 00:39 mlayko Get 1 free Hi dollar crypto every day! Worth 1$ or more! 0.5 for referrals. Must do KYC! ITS LEGIT!

Hi dollar, claim everyday (1.$) or more, do KYC, already on exhcange.
Make more than 5$ every day easy!
‼️ (value doubled) ‼ And it takes you 10sec per day! You have to do KYC and after 1 year of holding all of the coins will be yours! Easy money!
Join through this link ! https://hi.com/222Yessir Referral: 222Yessir Can join with telegram or whatsapp.
Claim daily rewards via Telegram/WA etc. by answering the question (right down is the button). I made 500$ in just 1 month and going up!!
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2021.12.02 00:39 Sureshot02 7,706 minutes on INK

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2021.12.02 00:39 Azorynth To the moon!

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2021.12.02 00:39 diegoconstanza Ayo

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2021.12.02 00:39 ayebrando How would you describe your personality using only food and drink items?

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2021.12.02 00:39 old_monkeeee Is it possible to self sustain in ktm while taking private SEE classes?

School dropout here. Currently enrolled in a private SEE centre taking morning classes continuing my studies after a gap of 7 years. Going to clear DLE this year and SEE next year
El problemo iz that my parent's income is barely enough to cover their own expenses and I don't wanna be a liability. So I'm seeking ways to make money while I finish my studies.
I'm hoping to study till at least bachelors in a field of my interest. However that seems impossible if I'm unable to cover my own basic expenses and fees excluding rent.
So I was wondering what jobs I could do or what courses I could take while doing private SEE( since classes end at 11:20) to gain a skill that'll help me cover my fees and expenses.
Is it even possible to study till bachelors while working part time?
Tldr; how can I make some cash to cover my basic expenses(I don't have to pay rent) during my academic journey which could last for 7 years
submitted by old_monkeeee to Nepal [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 00:39 RussleShackleford_II I've never looked at tim the same since I saw him wearing those gloves. So tactical

I've never looked at tim the same since I saw him wearing those gloves. So tactical submitted by RussleShackleford_II to TimPool [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 00:39 twitchepicwoomy Welcome to astera

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2021.12.02 00:39 NattyLightEnthusiast Wire Folder Help

So I just got a polish wire folder for my wasr but ran into some issues once I had it on. The lever on the bottom has no tension and does not lock when folded out. After doing a little research I found that the polish rear trunnions are different than than the one in my wasr and that is why there is no tension on the lever. I was just hoping to see if anyone had found a way to modify the stock to to get the lever to lock? Any advice is appreciated.
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2021.12.02 00:39 nvmvoidrays Jabra Elite Active 75t Bluetooth connection issues.

so, i recently got my EA 75t about a week or so ago, and i love the audio/fit of them, but, i'm having a huge issue with Bluetooth connectivity while my phone is anywhere that even slightly blocks the connection. it being inside my jeans pocket, with my wallet behind it, seems to interrupt the connection if i move my legs wrong. even when i'm standing, if i shift my stance, it sometimes interrupts the connection. it even does this if i'm holding my phone and wearing gloves or something. it seems to do this while i have both buds in, but if i just have the right in, i haven't noticed it.
it's becoming extremely frustrating. for some reason, it seems to work perfectly fine if the phone is still. i've tested it, and i can leave my phone inside, go outside, and walk about 10m away and the connection is perfect.
does anyone have a possible fix for this? should i try and get a replacement? or go with a different brand? if so, does anyone have recommendations for what brand has a similar fit/sound quality to these?
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2021.12.02 00:39 DietyMarc0 How is the service in Washington state?

How is everyone’s experience with T-Mobile in Washington state? I currently have tmo and have been contemplating switching, but I’m not sure if it’s just that I have 5G on and the towers and getting clustered or something.
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