Pq meus pais que eu estou no fundo do poço, tipo, fundo mesmo

2021.12.01 23:59 bs-desabafos Pq meus pais que eu estou no fundo do poço, tipo, fundo mesmo

Levantei, tomei café e não tem título? Ela usa uma faca pra me matar eu sou um desesperado amoroso e por isso o Brasil não vá se precipitando. Ficar desempregada é uma merda n recomendo, é um lugar cruel e ele não mexeu um músculo... Sla só sei q isso é horrível porque ele é barato e não quero me afastar.
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2021.12.01 23:59 Adiityalolz I'm only 10 but age is just a number. Tru love has no have; plz. I SAW this on one of dream's tweet

I'm only 10 but age is just a number. Tru love has no have; plz. I SAW this on one of dream's tweet submitted by Adiityalolz to youngpeopleyoutube [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 23:59 ChillyMando What new tv show or season are you most excited for?

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2021.12.01 23:59 FlourescantAdolesc Looking for a song

I'm looking for a song with a happy/joyful/romantic a section and then a b section that twists the other way. Angry/sad/lustful. Any recommendations?
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2021.12.01 23:59 conor_tompkins Carolina Wren taking flight

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2021.12.01 23:59 Sad_Beautiful9658 He's just ahead of his time :/

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2021.12.01 23:59 hannahrebecca_ Really regret leaving this one behind 😢

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2021.12.01 23:59 Keiren13 [41][Speculation] My personal boot prediction for the rest of the season

I'm not super into the spoilers, nor am I a big analyzer of the edit. This is simply coming from my personal view on the season so far and how likely I think that these players could win. With that being said:

6th: Heather- She hasn't gotten much personal content, and I feel like the "Next Time" segment was a Ricard misdirect. I also think she has the smallest chance of winning the season.
5th: Deshawn/Ricard- I could be completely wrong about this, but I feel like one of these two will win the game. Both have gotten consistent personal and game content, both got parts in the premiere, and both have made an impact on the season. With that being said, I think one of them goes out in this spot. Again, I could be completely wrong, but I think whoever outlasts the other wins the season.
4th: Danny- Although Danny had recently become a lot more visible, and has been showing his strategic chops more regularly, I have him here mostly because I feel like he fits the bill of a fire making loser. I just get that vibe from him, and I don't think he makes the top 3.
3rd: Xander- As much as I've enjoyed him this season, I can't deny that I doubt that he wins. Was he entertaining? Yes. Do I think that he's a good player? Also yes. Is this partially based on the no vote finalist rumor? Three times yes. But I digress. Xander is a fun player with a solid story, but I don't think he's the winner, but I do think he wins final immunity. Just a hunch.
2nd: Erika- While Erika is undoubtedly a favorite for a lot of people to win, and while I also completely see why, I don't see it. Honestly, I'm getting Runner-Up vibes from her. I can't quite explain why, but the fact that Erika didn't get much content until the merge and the way she's playing just really doesn't feel like a winning game to me. Once again, I might be wrong, but it's my prediction.
Winner: Deshawn/Ricard- As I've already said, I think that one of these two win the game. As for who, I'm unsure, but if one makes it to the end, they win. Also, just a note, I think that Xander and Erika are almost definitely finalists, It's just between Ricard and Deshawn on who takes it all.

This is all my stupid opinion, so feel free to leave yours in the comments
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2021.12.01 23:59 speedrun_01 A lot of my friends only talk about dirty stuff

When I tried starting a conversation with one of them they gave me options on what we could talk about and literally all the options were stuff like masturbation, sex, p***, etc. They're in my class and they're the majority in the friend group. Like I can't only talk about that kind of stuff for the rest of the year, but since they're in the friend group I can't just avoid them either. Oh and all the boys in class are in the same friend group except maybe 1-2 dudes.
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2021.12.01 23:59 dumnem Call the Ambulance but not for me

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2021.12.01 23:59 lmao269 FWB HELP

we were taking about how i had some family problems going on, he asked if wanted to talk about it i said no. he says "oh yeah you mentioned a while ago u to distract yourself from problems..is this just a distraction?" i said "no" he said "then what is it?"
sooo.. we met two years ago through friends. started as friends, he took genuine interest in me and my life family etc. got to know eachother extremely well. i thought he wanted to casually hook up so i asked and he said lets do fwb.. 9 months later weve been super involved in eachother's emotional menta well being,life, interests, values, fucking everything. hes asked me "who am i to you?" "are you seeing other guys?" and is getting protective of me what i do wear my safety etc. im wondering if he has feelings? he also asked me "what were you looking for?" and he said "in the beginning we were just having fun.. but now.." then didnt continue. wtf does this guy want) what doesn't he tell me what he wants rather than asking me what i want..? guys do you act like this when you fall in love with ur fwb/a girl?
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2021.12.01 23:59 ADA-World Corredores!

Hay alguien interesado en crear un grupo para correr 4-6 kilómetros en grupo y terminar en un bar para socializar conocer personas y tomar una cerveza? Hacer algo cada 15 día oh una vez al mes.
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2021.12.01 23:59 BobbyAndDoddy MEOW_IRL

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2021.12.01 23:59 Czo- https://t.me/joinchat/G3XliK0ntDgzNDBh

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2021.12.01 23:59 Sodium-Cone Cats are better than dogs

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2021.12.01 23:59 Apprehensive-Chard17 Intense upper back and shoulder pain while studying at a desk.

I need to study at least 4-5 hours a day for the next two weeks but only one hour at my desk is enough to make me stop for half of my day. Back pain is unbearable. I tried everything... How do y'all do this ..
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2021.12.01 23:59 fox-boi740 Help!

My neighbours name is Ethan. What do I do! There a Ethan removal hotline?
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2021.12.01 23:59 Stunning-Pair4671 Am I allowed to mount a bayonet to a 16 inch rifle in texas?

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2021.12.01 23:59 Pinejolt Corrin vs snake vod review


Hey guys,
I was just playing online and matched with this snake. I got my ass handed to me like 4 times and then played this match, he left after so I didn't have a ton of time to work out match up stuff, but it felt really hard to get in and like every swing I made was just hitting grenades.
To be fair I don't really have any matchup experience against snake, so I was wondering what you all notice I was doing wrong and what I could improve in general.
It was around 10 600 000 gsp if that helps at all
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2021.12.01 23:59 CuteTwitchGirls Nutcord

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2021.12.01 23:59 March_Explorer "大灣肚村一號" @ 南丫島榕樹灣

"大灣肚村一號" @ 南丫島榕樹灣

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2021.12.01 23:59 stickgamer4567 Estimate my height

I'm a male. I grew 10 inches taller in 2 years. Currently 1.68 m and 14 years old. What do you think my height will be when I will be 18 or 19.
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2021.12.01 23:59 Far_Midnight1549 Looking for manager

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2021.12.01 23:59 hrhashley "We’re sorry this package has experienced a sortation delay." on literally everything I've ordered so far that's been shipped through UPS.. is something going on internally?

A little frustrating, because literally every single thing I've ordered online that has then been shipped through UPS has had a "sortation delay" (not sure what this means, if someone can clarify?) and has taken an additional 2-3 days to get to me. On top of that, my package that was supposed to be out for delivery today after a several day delay kept getting the time pushed back, and it still says "Out for delivery today by 9 p.m." no update and it's 10 p.m. so clearly it's not coming today.

Is there something going on internally? Have never had any issues in past years but literally every package I've ordered this year has had issues so far. I still have more gifts to order but I'm actually legit terrified of ordering anything else online with the fear of them coming from UPS.
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2021.12.01 23:59 Nurse-Pizza-314 Ohm question

Highest rune I've ever found lol, besides CTA what else can I save it for? Or should I try to trade it for lower runes?
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