Information for pixiv fanbox

2021.12.02 01:17 pablo-escobard Information for pixiv fanbox

I'm thinking of opening a pixiv fanbox in the near future. just wondering what sort of information is privy to customers. I will be using a paypal business account when accepting paypments. Does pixiv fanbox operate as the customer sends money and receives the files and what not and are not aware of the irl name and location of the artist. I might dabble in nsfw so id prefer my name and location not being available even to the customers?
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2021.12.02 01:17 tattooednerdyDude Watching Episode one

So far so good!
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2021.12.02 01:17 MagnoliaBlossomXxX Would anyone like to draw me?

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2021.12.02 01:17 SpecialFudge23 CS Electives

How is CS 4640 (PL for Web Apps) with Hott? What about CS 3501 (Robotics) with Dugan? Thanks!
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2021.12.02 01:17 geekwiththeglasses Look at his big old grey brows. Bear looks good in salt and pepper colors at 13 years old.

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2021.12.02 01:17 OverInfrared Reloading the Mosin puts ammo at the bottom of the clip instead of the top.

Basically, I put FMJ bullets into the clip (clip/mag? idk which one) of the Mosin but have AP rounds on the ammo holders on the side. But when I put the AP rounds in when there are still FMJ rounds in the clip it puts it at the bottom instead of the top. It's a little thing but it lowers my realism just a little bit while playing, and it can be annoying when up against armored enemies.

TLDR: Loading a round into a mosin doesn't put it on top or in the chamber.
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2021.12.02 01:17 appelvanhetoog hello everyone

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2021.12.02 01:17 Aniki356 Any 3d printers here?

Im new to the series but loving it so far. On book 5. I've been trying to find stls for the different badges and have managed to find good ones for forger and unsouled. Was wondering if anyone might have the others? Or be able to make them as I don't have the required skillset
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2021.12.02 01:17 IdleMinute Unexplainable feeling post migraine making me anxious.

Sorry i typed so much, I am feeling off after a intense migraine and thinking Is for lack of better words, hard to do. Thank you.
I had the worse migraine of my life today and it lasted almost all day. Im working remotely from home and have to look at a oc screen 9 hours a day with little break so I had to push past the litterally blinding pain from smell and sound like in bad headaches I had before to touch litterally hurting. I couldn't and still fully can't feel ny left arm in a weird way. It feels weak and "lags" a bit when i move it like its not where i think it should be. My thinking is also. Not good. Typing this is a mental challenge still after the pain subsided a bit. Before it felt like 9 hours of force like actively being stabbed and hit in the left side if my skull with a bat i never felt such an, i guess active feeling pain that was borderline surreal, i would wobble when i walked and threw up a few times. Sorry im typing a lot i feel almost run down or burnt out at this point and I'm curious if this is normal. Sorry if this was asked I couldn't take the time to read without the pain coming back but this is freaking me out i feel "detached" in a way too it's not something i can compare or put words to. I'm getting anxious over how intense this was and how it's still getting to me, when i cant think clearly i get nervous and its a chore stringing together words. Thanks.
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2021.12.02 01:17 AHXL Seeking help with clips from show!

Hi everyone, not sure if this is allowed so mods please let me know if not.
Bit of a strange one but I'm doing some research on burgers and, long story short, I am looking for clips of the show where a character eats a burger but it falls apart on them (or otherwise fails to eat burger due to the mess).
I thought there would be something like this in all the seasons of BB, so wanted to see if anyone can point me in the right direction.
Doesn't have to be from BB though, any snippet of popular culture (movies, tv shows, comics etc.) that shows someone failing to eat a burger or a sandwich will be excellent.
Thank you in advance!
Again, mods, please let me know if this isn't allowed, thank you!
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2021.12.02 01:17 GotDembow Nio Garcia & Manuel Turizo - Resaca (Video Oficial)

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2021.12.02 01:17 TheCODBOSS22YT When you only play frontier defense

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2021.12.02 01:17 raisankid Random question but what in this picture makes my body not fit the t-shirt? Should I work out my shoulders or work my chest? I feel like I look feminine and weird wearing shirts. What should I train?

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2021.12.02 01:17 mad_T1TANx Which is greater - CHAD or SIGMA

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2021.12.02 01:17 -knafeh- Becoming desensitized to others’ opinions of me

I experienced a lot of psychological abuse growing up and developed many of the tendencies that are associated with CPTSD. These included severe codependency, perfectionism, hypervigilance, dissociation and a freeze response in most difficult situations.
I have been in therapy for about one year and 4 months now. My therapist is an Internal Family Systems practitioner and engaging in this kind of therapy has made a huge difference in my life. I have been able to work through a lot of the tendencies that arose from my CPTSD, especially my codependent tendencies. There is something that has been really bothering me recently, however. When I was codependent I was overly concerned with others’ opinions of me, but now I feel as though I have become very desensitized to people’s opinions of me. In a way I see this as positive, but on the flip side I am very concerned that this change somehow indicates that I am becoming selfish and/or less empathetic than before.
I was wondering whether anyone here has experienced this. If so, how did you perceive this change and what steps did you take to come to terms with it? Thank you!
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2021.12.02 01:17 TheVanWorst (40m) Wife had phone sex with co-worker, gets drunk and emotionally abusive

At the start of the pandemic my wife (37f) was in a depression and had, in her own words, phone sex, with a coworker. I found out and we have been on the rocks since. Since then she has a tendency to get black out drunk and verbally and physically abusive, leaving small scratches and bruises from slaps etc. the verbal is worse. This has happened maybe 4 times in 2 years. I can’t get past it, she wants me to trust her and leave it in the past, but I feel worthless when I look in the mirror. When I bring it up (which is probably too often) she says the phone sex and abuse are unrelated. We’ve been together since we were kids (21 and 19) we have (amazing) kids together. She says my low self estimate is making me hold on to the issues and I should just trust her and move on. I can’t, Am I crazy?
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2021.12.02 01:17 Ok-Day-4695 Discount blades weapon collection 😂

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2021.12.02 01:17 Dhooy77 Do I sign a 2-year sign-on bonus for 2 years with plans to do travel nursing in 1-2 years?

Do I sign a sign-on bonus for 2 years for 6k? I know you can travel after 1 yr. I like where I'm working and have the option to do traveling within my company. Just accepted a new position. Any advice?
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2021.12.02 01:17 nbstriker10 Lvt question

Hey guys... I just pulled up a carpet tiled floor, that was glued down... obviously there is a sticky residue left behind... I'm laying down an underlayment before my lvt planks... do you think I need to do something else prior to avoid any sounds from below the boards?
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2021.12.02 01:17 aulya_ This Is How Mommy Glenn Cooks Cans Of Sardines Tastier

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2021.12.02 01:17 blue-sky_noise I wonder sometimes about what the convicted men are handling prison

Sometimes when I go smoke in my tiny closet sized bathroom and use the tiny ass window to blow smoke out, I think of how cozy but lonely it makes me feel if I imagine it as a cell. And then I wonder how they sleep much or are they always in pain from shitty beds? How do prisoners get used to that if so? Are they in solitary and how do people make time pass and not fo crazy? Were they used to prison by the time they came to trial? Was Travis an alcoholic and did he detox safely? Are the men going to the same prison?
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2021.12.02 01:17 corvetteguy1000 Leela James - Tell Me You Love Me (2010)

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2021.12.02 01:17 MissMarifire Righteous Phoenix

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2021.12.02 01:17 CleetusMcfarln i love weezer

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2021.12.02 01:17 bot_neen Por violencia familiar, fallan a favor de Elisa Xolalpa; falta por intento de feminicidio

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