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2021.12.02 01:39 definite002 😶

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2021.12.02 01:39 lumonics Exit, Mel Tanner/Lumonics, Acrylic Glass and LEDs, 1987

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2021.12.02 01:39 _sunday_funday_ Holiday ready!!

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2021.12.02 01:39 Mundane_Rule_7162 You can put map markers on Bedrock edition.

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2021.12.02 01:39 shapps93 RIP big guy! His name is Crimson

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2021.12.02 01:39 kanada88 How do you cry more calmly?

Every time I cry I have an intense response, like gasping, sometimes yelling and feeling stressed. I think it's an inconvenience when it's like 11:00 at night to be moaning and gasping for air. Is there a way I can teach myself to cry quietly and calmly?
I'll have the urge to cry, but my response to that is to tense and scrunch up. There's this feeling of pushing or forcing. Not throwing up, but it feels like the feeling you get when you're trying to like push out.... to throw up, like if you have a hangover and you think it'll make you feel better.
I'm not talking about throwing up, sheesh, Im talking about how if I try to let the tears come out by them selves, nothing happens, but the urge to cry is still there....
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2021.12.02 01:39 Discombobulated89BK Things haven’t got better. Have to resign from this for now as I just don’t have the capital to sustain it. Never chase good shorting opportunities unless volume dies down and keep yourself covered at a certain position if you don’t have a stop loss

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2021.12.02 01:39 christmas_kitty I'm annoyed with everyone

This isn't too serious, but do you ever have one of those months where everybody is getting on your nerves? Even your friends and the people you like the most? God I'm tired of one of my friends. I feel awful saying that though, they're a really good person. It's just, sometimes I need a break from them. They're really high energy, make sussy baka and arson jokes, and lately they're just not funny to me anymore. It's really hard for me go get a long with someone like that, but I'm trying my very best not ever to be rude to them. They may be cringy, but they don't deserve getting treated badly.
I'm rambling. I'm just- ANNOYED. AT EVERYONE.
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2021.12.02 01:39 speyrmo Anyways new meme template dropped (from Brooklyn!)

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2021.12.02 01:39 Castel0114 Here’s my Spotify Wrap Up!

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2021.12.02 01:39 Numerous-Boss2007 鹅们来签到啦,看看有多少流浪到这里的鹅

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2021.12.02 01:39 KingOfTheUnderhill5 Are there any self-help books for people with Borderline Personality Disorder?

Like the title says, I’m looking for self help books for BPD. I don’t think I will be able to access psychotherapy any time soon, due to a lack of insurance and an unstable living situation, and I want to try to help myself. I’m male, so please no books that are geared specifically toward females only. Thank you for your time.
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2021.12.02 01:39 zodiacxz What’s the best LxWxH desk size for a 32 inch monitor (used for media consumption, general browsing and read visual novels … not gaming)

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2021.12.02 01:39 Lillt61 I just got mine guys!

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2021.12.02 01:39 Bassist_Esq Big Muff Pi Pedal Not Working

I ordered the Big Muff Pi Pedal. It doesn’t work. I ran it isolated and in a chain, neither worked; I ran it with its battery and with a power supply, neither worked; and I ran it with its out-of-box 9V battery and a new Duracell 9V battery, neither worked. I got a second pedal shipped to me and engaged in the same trouble shooting. Neither the first nor second pedal work at all. Is the product faulty or am I missing something glaringly obvious?
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2021.12.02 01:39 Hellbras Extended warranty skill

After today's update, extended warranty skill now has a third level available. Unfortunately it needs 140 elements, how is that even possible. I think 120 is the max (90 from elements and 30 from 6 items with affinity)
Please correct me if I and wrong!
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2021.12.02 01:39 autobot12349876 A total Mad Lad

mlive.com: 10-year-old Michigan fan in enemy territory takes victory lap on Ohio State campus after Wolverine win. https://www.mlive.com/news/ann-arbo2021/12/10-year-old-michigan-fan-in-enemy-territory-takes-victory-lap-on-ohio-state-campus-after-wolverine-win.html
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2021.12.02 01:39 Oathkewpwr1 Since I have skipped NNN, I shall take advantage of the festivities to grow stronger! I will surpass those before me! I shall conquer the horny in my own way! How I am doing it I shall explain in the comments!

Since I have skipped NNN, I shall take advantage of the festivities to grow stronger! I will surpass those before me! I shall conquer the horny in my own way! How I am doing it I shall explain in the comments! submitted by Oathkewpwr1 to Ningen [link] [comments]


This is SO FUCKING ANNOYING. Occasionally I accidentally click the cast button on video players, but today after I did so it started casting automatically to a device of a roommate and I had to manually stop it. WHY IS THERE NO WAY TO JUST DISABLE CHROME CAST????
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2021.12.02 01:39 Asterion777 Master, ab to award de do pleez..!!

Master, ab to award de do pleez..!!
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2021.12.02 01:39 Public-Refuse1902 🦸 SuperBNB | 7% Automatic BNB Rewards | Just Launched | Huge Marketing 🚀 | Dont Miss Out 🚀

🦸 SuperBNB supports the BNB community and contributes to the BNB ecosystem. Every buy and sell bring more volume for BNB and increases the burn!! Earn BNB every day automatically 🦸
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LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xeDBcedd99ac60cBD8281eB908b13D482993B7D83
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x13a02115a511e8eed2e2a24a5416dc22454417d4#readContract
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2021.12.02 01:39 FutureAnybody Dermott on Matthews: ""It's amazing. I mean, as a D-man, you just hope that you're on Toronto for a long time so you can be on his team. But, he's such a special player that when he's hot like this you just want to put the puck on his backhand and he'll make magic out of that."

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2021.12.02 01:39 Scoliosis3 If fish travel in schools, then they're always in a school bus.

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2021.12.02 01:39 roses_and_sacrifice I mailed my two weeks notice today! I just wanted to say thank you to this whole community for giving me the courage to finally quit and realize how unhappy working there makes me.

I now only have to work at chick fil a for two more weeks! and they haven’t even scheduled me this week!
Here’s a little story of my time there for those interested:
My neighbor owns the franchise and told my mom I should apply. I didn’t really want to but my family wouldn’t stop pressuring me into it, so I did and a little while later I get to the interviews and get offered $9/hr for my first ever job. I thought that wasn’t too bad.
On one of my first days in training, it was so unbearably hot outside and we have to wear plasticy uniforms and long pants and I almost passed out. Then, the next day, working the drive thru window, I actually DID pass out and even hit my head on the register on the way down. It wasn’t even that hot but I just got overwhelmed. Luckily, everyone there is super nice and since I was new, really forgiving. Then I went into the bathroom, cried, and then my mom picked me up and took me to the hospital. I don’t think CFA ever helped pay for the hospital bill.
I had a lot of other bad experiences as well that I don’t feel like getting into right now as well.
Over time, I started to hate working there over time and eventually discovered this community and realized there are better opportunities out there. I don’t need that job, other places pay way more, and the anxiety it gave me was overwhelming. And $9/hr is shit!
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2021.12.02 01:39 jericho_santos07 😢

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