Now people on exchanges are using both the new Covid variant and the stock market situation to further drop bitcoin. The exchanges know exactly who is responsible every single time. New global asset so there should be new global accountability.

2021.12.02 00:52 nakasatamooshito Now people on exchanges are using both the new Covid variant and the stock market situation to further drop bitcoin. The exchanges know exactly who is responsible every single time. New global asset so there should be new global accountability.

Don't fall for the bullshit. Look at the Bitstamp asks. This is a joke.
Just over 300 asks on Bitstamp to hit 100k USD.
I'm telling you these guys are just fucking with things at this point.
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Has anyone figure what elephants eat to tame?
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The pain is unbearable, but I can keep myself from eating.
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one last push is all i need.
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2021.12.02 00:52 hillarydufflebag Totally Fucked Up

I am currently applying for 1L summer stuff and just sent a firm a cover letter addressed to a different firm. The cover letter was specific to the intended firm but I forgot to change the address at the top. Not really sure what to do aside from emailing the firm in the morning and asking if I can send an updated cover letter due to changes/updates I had to make. Am I fucked for this firm? It was one of my top choices.
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2021.12.02 00:52 Darkblade51224 I finished first chapter of Phase 2, feedback pls

I finished first chapter of Phase 2, feedback pls
Skarlet ran her hand over the wall of the cave, the deep gashes carved into the stone. Ahead of her, a dragon waited, she Approached the mouth of the cavern.
Beatrice stood in the center of the cave, a pleased smile on her face, she wore what was probably once a dress. It looked like it was a hundred years old, which it probably was. It was ragged, torn and dirty from years of use without ever mending or cleaning it.
"Welcometh backeth Skarlet, didst thee bringeth m're wine?" The dragon asked hopefully. Skarlet sighed as she pulled a bottle of wine from her item bag.
"Here." Skarlet handed her the bottle and she chugged it in seconds.
"Ooh, quite delicious. The humans has't most c'rtainly did manage to improveth their culinary abilities in the lasteth hundr'd years." She commented with a thoughtful smile.
"So, why'd you want to see me after the battle?" Skarlet asked, tapping her foot.
"What, art thee in a haste child?" Beatrice sighed, "I hath decided yond I'm coming with thee" With that Beatrice started marching from the cave.
"W-what!?" Skarlet exclaimed as she chased after her. "What do you mean?" Skarlet caught up as Beatrice stopped at the entrance to the cave.
"Ah, hello dear." A familiar voice called out. "Look at that, my two favorite people." Skarlet starred in surprise and disbelief as Griax caressed Beatrice's cheek. She squealed in a really childish way as she leaped behind Skarlet.
"What the hell, wh're didst thee even cometh from lo-"
"My name's Griax." He cut her off, she rolled her eyes in response. "Are you still refusing my proposal."
"I bethought mine own fath'r did get did rid of thee three hundr'd years ago, what fowl creature even art thee!?" She exclaimed.
“Just a friendly helper. Skarlet, I came to give you a bit of help.” He said, raising his hand, her sword was in it.
“When did you. . .” She reached to her back.
“Skarlet, there was something I forgot to mention when I gave you this, It has training wheels!” He exclaimed, Skarlet looked at him in confusion. “Nevermind, here.” He tossed the sword over to her, she caught it in surprise.
“Now the pommel, twist it.” Griax urged her, she did as he suggested and a sheet of paper slid from an invisible slot in the sword and floated in front of her. It had a list on it:
Base Stats:
Name: Skarlet
Rank: D
Skill points: 20
Mana: 1400
Agility: 80/100
Reflexes: 54/100
Strength: 40/100
Racial Abilities:
Seventh Sense
Cat Ears
Sword Arts [LVL: 3/10]
Presence Detection [LVL: 1/5]
She was surprised to see her name and rank, but even more surprised to see her mana, agility, reflexes, and strength calculated with numbers. She had several racial skills as well, she wondered what they meant when suddenly the information entered her brain. Cat Ears is a racial ability unique to Catkin, it is the heightened hearing of a feline predator. Predator is a skill that subconsciously guides the owner in stealth situations when hunting opponents weaker than the owner. Like a wild predator's instincts when hunting, the owner of this skill will just know the best places to be in order to not be noticed. Seventh sense is a skill unique to the Beastkin races that grants the owner a sense of danger. They were things she used all the time, there was a skill column as well, she also somehow knew what the skills meant. Sword Arts is a measure of the owner’s understanding of the sword. Presence detection is an ability that uses the mana of others to detect their presence even through walls.
“Done reading?” Griax suddenly spoke up, he smiled as he watched her, “Cause you’re gonna wanna hear this, I can’t be here all day.” She nodded. “Alrighty, now this is a list of the skills available to you currently. And in order to do anything with these, you need skill points, which you happen to have twenty.” He pranced around her before handing her a piece of paper with words scrawled on it:
Mana Manipulation
Chant Shortening
Presence Detection
Elemental Blade
Magic Perception
Lie perception
Fire Resistance
Water Resistance
Earth Resistance
Air Resistance
Dark Resistance
Light Resistance
Moon Resistance
Sun Resistance
Poison Resistance
Paralysis Resistance
Mental attack Resistance
“In order to obtain a skill, you need to imagine writing it on the paper, it will cost five mana to add a skill, but one mana to level it up.” Griax explained before suddenly looking at his wrist, “Oh look at the time, I don’t wear a watch, last thing: You should definitely head for Otalos.” Then he vanished into a wisp of smoke.
“Watch?” Skarlet was confused again as the odd man disappeared once again. She glanced at the list, chant shortening and Mana manipulation caught her eye. She watched as they appeared on the list of skills and ten skill points vanished, she then put five in each of them.
Base Stats:
Name: Skarlet
Rank: D
Skill points: 0
Mana: 1400
Agility: 80/100
Reflexes: 54/100
Strength: 40/100
Racial Abilities:
Seventh Sense
Cat Ears
Sword Arts [LVL: 3/10]
Presence Detection [LVL: 1/5]
Mana Manipulation [LVL: 5/10]
Chant Shortening [LVL: 5/10
Skarlet suddenly felt odd, it wasn’t that her mana pool deepened, more like it became more uniform. Less like gas randomly blowing about her body, more like a river flowing around in a circle. She felt confident that she could do more magic with less mana.
Beatrice had left from behind Skarlet and was acting like she hadn’t cowered behind her at all. “Good now since he’s gone . . . wherefore don’t we leaveth.” Beatrice suddenly began transforming, she became blurry before getting bigger, and finally, she stood there as the Red Dragon.
Skarlet twisted the pommel and the paper vanished, she then leaped onto Beatrice. Skarlet sheathed her sword and laid down, her back scales were warm and surprisingly comfortable.
As Beatrice rose into the air, Skarlet fell into a deep sleep, though it was filled with dreams of regret.
She stood in a cave, blood splattered the ground, her clothes were torn.
“I can’t believe we died to protect a pathetic runt like you.” A voice echoed in her ears.
“I’m ashamed to be related to you!” Another voice growled into her ears, she fell to her knees pressing her hands against her ears.
“It wasn’t my fault, it was an unfortunate accident!” She choked out, a tear slipped down her cheek. “I-I I’ve been trying to atone.”
“Atone!? We’re dead, and you’re not, you’re just the coward who kept running. You should have fought beside us and died beside us.” Another voice whispered to her, the smell of blood grew stronger and she thought she could hear the sounds of screaming.
“You told me to ru-ru-ruuuun.” She sobbed, “Please, I only did what I was told!” She gazed around wildly, searching for the voices.
“Did as you were told, a good girl, never did anything wrong.” One of the voices whispered in her ear once more, she struggled to her feet, backing away.
“I-I thought sur-surviving would have been what you wanted.” She stammered, wiping the tears away definitely, that defiance was smashed as she was shoved to the ground and the voices roared at her in unison.
“How dare you get angry at the ones who died for your miserable life! You have done nothing, you sit in that room all day wasting away. Now that room is destroyed! Where will you run little kitty?” They screamed at her, she crawled away, feeling a heavy pressure on her back. She saw the light ahead of her and pulled herself towards it.
“You’re running again? We’ll always be here! You can’t always run away! You will face your past eventually Skarlet, child of misfortune. You will bring many others to their demise before you finally repent, you will break many more souls. Child, all those around you will die. You will always come back here, always alone.”
She didn’t listen, dragging herself from the cave, from her failures, from her pain-riddled past.
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Pmag or OEM, lets see what you got!
$10-$15 each.
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Silverplatter Audio
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