Two minds

2021.10.23 19:51 _jackaboi_ Two minds

My mind is a boxing ring It has two sides One of fear One of hope
I’m scared I’m scared of what has been I’m scared of what could be I’m scared of who I could become I’m scared I won’t make it I’m scared that if I do make it I won’t be happy I’m scared I’ll lose everyone around me I’m scared I won’t like who I become Altogether Im scared
Other than the fear I have hope Hope for the future Hope that I will make it Hope that I will become someone I am proud of Hope that my friends will be there Hope that I will be happy
With all this going on I am just waiting Waiting to see which one wins Waiting to see which one I will be
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2021.10.23 19:51 Dontsaymyname289Ok Remember this guy is still alive in the original timeline where Kratos came from into GOW2

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2021.10.23 19:51 CozMedic Will having such a difference in temperature cause any harm? (Gas, Forced Air) I read that 10-15 degrees lower when away is "best" but it seems like a lot of work for the heater every day.

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2021.10.23 19:51 One_Personality6048 Who do you like better Devin or Joe or neither?

Here is my thing... both of them can be very strange people but in my view... Devin doesn't go on camera and say pay attention to me as Joe does. But I did notice ever since Devin posted something about politics.. he is trying to be in the media as much as he used.
all of you can voice your opinions of them both.

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2021.10.23 19:51 Holierthanhe Today I learned a CSV file is an image. Clap clap Pinterest.

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2021.10.23 19:51 swagNextTuber Italy’s Matteo Salvini goes on trial in Sicily for role in blocking migrant ship in 2019

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2021.10.23 19:51 yoma999 Look at this guy

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2021.10.23 19:51 Chrupiter As a part-time job seeker, should I send CVs also to companies which don't specify the workload? [Switzerland, or others]

I'm mostly interested in Switzerland, but I don't mind hearing opinions for other countries.
It's hard to find a part-time job, there are a few 80% but the 60% land is pretty dry (the one I'm interested in). I assume all of the companies which don't specify the workload are implicitly looking for a 100% employee. Still, there's a saying which goes like "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take".
Does it make sense to send a CV specifying in the motivation letter your desirable workload? Would it be better to just ask directly HR without sending the CV? (It would save me the time to write the motivation letter).
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2021.10.23 19:51 cooperg2001 SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN - Colonial Defenses Reduced To Rubble

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2021.10.23 19:51 antoine3919 Qui pour se branler ensemble , vous choisissez sur quoi on se branle

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2021.10.23 19:51 Sandman-320 When someone first created Pumpkin Spice, it made them think of fall. So, even though it doesn’t contain any pumpkin in it whatsoever, he or she added the word pumpkin to it so that it would make others think of fall too.

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2021.10.23 19:51 cetihcra If you could get a job position at any company in the world, what company would be your top priority?

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2021.10.23 19:51 Nursingstudent97 Sore Throat for 6 weeks

Hi friends! I’ve had a sore throat for 6 weeks. I’ve been tested for strep, covid, ect and all have been negative. I’ve been treating it for possible post nasal drip related to acid reflux and no relief.
I’ve seen a doctor about this twice and no relief. Sometimes it’s so bad I can’t sleep or have to call out of work. Currently it kind of looks like cobblestone throat and today I noticed a small red blood blister on the back of my throat.
Please, give me any suggestions. I am willing to try ANYTHING. Thank you!!
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2021.10.23 19:51 JesterOfTheSwamp Does WHEN you consume a plethora of calories matter?

My friend says, for example, eating Taco Bell for dinner one night, then ice cream as dessert right after, is much different than eating Taco Bell one night then having ice cream totally separate on the other night. He argues that even though the number of calories are the same, WHAT your body does with the excess calories is different. You are much more likely for your body to store fat when you consumer the Taco Bell and ice cream together, versus on separate nights.
Is this correct?
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2021.10.23 19:51 Wanderlustsouladv I’m applying to become a travel host, please take my travel survey! I need 100 responses.

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2021.10.23 19:51 Fantastic-Ad-9112 How do I hang out with her

This girl and I have been dating for a month, we are both 20 in college and still live at home. How do I ask her to hang out, I don’t want to bring her to my house (mom gives me no privacy). I don’t want to invite myself over to her house either.
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2021.10.23 19:51 Wintermute83 New Haworthia&Gasteria shelf!

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2021.10.23 19:51 Green_Ad_8088 No hate I love the island boys but like I cant be the only one…

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2021.10.23 19:51 Lemons005 Feeling like shit

For the past 20-30 mins, I’ve just felt meh & crappy. It’s 11:50pm tho & I’m gunna sleep soon so hopefully I won’t be feeling this way for long. I hate feeling this way tho bc it doesn’t happen often so when it does it sucks cuz I’m not used to it, and it can make it harder to sleep sometimes. That’s it :) Vent over.
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2021.10.23 19:51 Horsecowsheep Why are people so upset about being offered, for free, a life saving medicine?

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2021.10.23 19:51 Skotadi-XCIX Underrated feature

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2021.10.23 19:51 NOArCO2 Streptophylla

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2021.10.23 19:51 pink__tea Zay passing the blunt at the Nola show last night

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2021.10.23 19:51 hers37788 f18

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2021.10.23 19:51 giraffeapet I gave them a paper bag stuffed with hay and forages!

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