Rate the modded account fit doe.😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️

2021.10.23 21:39 DigitalCrimess Rate the modded account fit doe.😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️

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2021.10.23 21:39 WeeeeeeW0oooooo Choices

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2021.10.23 21:39 Appropriate-Bid-4006 Darkrai raid on me first 5 to add will be invited

1935 3765 4468!
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2021.10.23 21:39 japanidol FINLANDS - UTOPIA - Music Video

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2021.10.23 21:39 youtoozx i made a scratch discord server!

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2021.10.23 21:39 niniela-phoenix Facebook Comment Suggestion drives me crazy, how do I turn it off completely?

I have a silly question and I can't find any fix.
For sometime now Facebook tries to predict comments. Basically I am trying to type and it keeps trying to put whole sentences in there for me and I ALWAYS have to go back and delete entire words because you can't continue typing without it adding its predictions.
Its DEFINITELY NOT my android keyboard app. It only happens on Facebook. Its extremely annoying at best and genuinely preventing me from moderating groups with limited spoons at worst. I hate it.
All suggestions say to turn off phone autocorrect. I have done that ages ago. The issue persists and its better in some groups and pages and worse in others.
Does anyone have any idea how to shut up this app in comments? I just wanna type 1 reply without having to do it three times because Facebook has to go guess my next word wrong! I can stop it inserting the whole thing, but it'll still keep forcing the first word of the prediction in my text, and it's constantly a thing.
I can add a picture if I figure out how.
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2021.10.23 21:39 HidetakaTeriyaki A phenomenal Hazy IPA from Ex Novo

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2021.10.23 21:39 HalfDeafYeller [POSITIVE] for /u/Ser_Bohemond [seller]

Great seller! Easy to work with, clear communication, ships fast, packs secure, and everything arrived as expected. Thanks again!
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2021.10.23 21:39 windoge_os I had my 32. Birthday hurray :) the glove and knight bus is already build. And for the ecto1 i ordered the sound and light upgrade

I had my 32. Birthday hurray :) the glove and knight bus is already build. And for the ecto1 i ordered the sound and light upgrade submitted by windoge_os to lego [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 21:39 cb33- [L] can someone spare a while to talk

I’m currently laid in a hotel room, having to be quiet so I don’t wake up the man next to me. I’m in pain and an insomniac; I know I won’t sleep tonight and all I want to do is cry but I can’t because I don’t want to put the burden on him too. Can I have someone to talk to tonight to try to get me through these very dark hours
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2021.10.23 21:39 softdimple Device rerouted back to Verizon a week ago, how long before the line is canceled and I receive a refund?

Ups tracking confirms order was delivered back to warehouse on 10/15 at 10am. The line is still showing up on my account and I haven’t received a refund yet for it. When will all of that be done? It’s been 5 business days already.
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2021.10.23 21:39 Inthogen Trying an awesome Matcha Vanilla Latte while visiting Minneapolis!

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2021.10.23 21:39 CalmAssociation1231 (19m) my family just holds be back and makes me mentally ill

My mom is crazy and emotionally manipulative who literally doesn’t do anything except leisure (television and phone) for months at a time and yells at everyone in the house all day. My dads an alcoholic who works all the time and my brother is a jealous loser who tries to sabotage his younger brother (me) any chance he can get. I wanna move out but i don’t think I have enough money for a place right now. Any advice I really want to start living my life as an adult and start my career and my own life due to societal pressures, but my family still treats me like an immature little kid and they devalue me if I think I am great, and try to dumb me down/ slow me down because I can adapt and change really fast and I’m always working on something new, succeeding, and progressing in some sort of way and I feel like my family doesn’t like that now because I used to always be just a fat gamer kid, but now I’m in the best shape of my life and I’m loving my life right now but my family wants me held down with them!
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2021.10.23 21:39 EndEmpty5824 How do I not get fucked over by the cell summon?

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2021.10.23 21:39 lpm07 DJ Snake, Ozuna, Megan Thee Stallion, LISA of BLACKPINK - SG (Official Music Video)

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2021.10.23 21:39 anonymous_person_29 I give up on cooking!

That's it. I give up on cooking. I'm just going to live off pasta and oatmeal for the rest of my life. I don't care anymore. Plus I will save so much time and money.
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2021.10.23 21:39 accountant119 Hey I'm Lebanese, and my country is currently suffering from a severe socio-economic crisis. I need some support for getting some meds and basic necessities

As some of you might know, Lebanon is suffering from a severe crisis, and huge number of population are now under poverty lines. And we are also on the verge of another civil war and sectarian clashes..
so the situation here is really dire, and I need some support if anyone is able to help, I would greatly appreciate it <3
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2021.10.23 21:39 Sp_Gamer_Live [Chatman Jr.] 'Way 2 Sexy' is playing as Joc Pederson steps to the plate

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2021.10.23 21:39 molly-mulligan What's going over there?

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2021.10.23 21:39 jcc5018 Simplify Laravel queries in livewire

I have been working various tutorials to make a datatable in livewire.
I have managed to get most of the functionality of the table, but I am wondering if there is a way to pull the top10 liked models/ 10 newest, etc without having to run an entirely new query pulling all the models to get this data.
I already have some complex code to deal with filtered data that also paginates, but is there a way to count the base query before running the other commands so I'm not pulling the same data multiple times?
I did try making a whole new function with just this to reference in the other methods, but it broke a lot of things.

Hobby::with('equipment', 'categories', 'hobbyAltNames', 'hobbyType') ->withCount('users') 
Current code:
 public function getHobbiesProperty() { return $this->hobbiesQuery->paginate($this->paginate); } public function getHobbiesQueryProperty() { $status = $this->selectedStatus; $cats = $this->selectedCategory; $hobbies = Hobby:: with('equipment', 'categories', 'hobbyAltNames', 'hobbyType') ->withCount('users') ->when($this->search != '', function ($q) use ($status) { $q->search(trim($this->search)); }) ->when($status != '', function ($q) use ($status) { $q->status($status); }) //Todo order by category not working as expected. ->when($cats != '', function ($q) use ($cats) { $q->filterByCategory($cats); }); switch ($this->sortField) { case 'tag': $hobbies = $hobbies->orderByCategory($this->sortDirection); break; case 'likes': $hobbies->withCount('users')->orderby('users_count', $this->sortDirection); break; case 'equipment': $hobbies->withCount('equipment')->orderby('equipment_count', $this->sortDirection = 'desc'); break; default: $hobbies = $hobbies->orderby($this->sortField, $this->sortDirection); } return $hobbies; } public function render() 
{ //Todo refactor queries //I am trying to avoid recalling all the hobbies in two additional queries. $all = Hobby::all(); $top10 = $all->loadCount('users')->sortByDesc('users_count')->take(10); $new = $all->loadCount('users')->sortByDesc('created_at')->take(10); //END to fix
$data = $this->hobbies; $categories = Tag::where('tag_type', 1)->get(); return view('livewire.hobby.hobby-manager', compact( 
'data', 'top10', 'new', 'all', 'categories')); }
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2021.10.23 21:39 Joewolsky Safety Third!

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2021.10.23 21:39 BenniRoR Is there any reason not to use a Ultra-low latency mode all the time?

Hi there, maybe a noob question, but I dunno. I tried to research as much as possible about this, but many forum threads about this are completely outdated or uninformed.
I was just wondering if there was any reason not to use the Ultra-low latency mode on your G-sync monitor all the time? As far as I can tell there are no downsides, or am I forgetting something here?
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2021.10.23 21:39 FuryAwakens Diamond Xbox Player Looking For Tips (Ana Main)

Hello. This is my 3rd (I think) time posting here and I am now in Diamond (~3350) I would just like some pointers to see how I can improve. I take all criticisms so feel free to roast me if you want. Here is a game: (I am away from home right now so I can't get other games)
Junkertown - 18 min - 0ZDF7A
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2021.10.23 21:39 snkde Barbie Careers Pediatrician Playset, (Blonde or Bruette Doll) (12-in), Exam Table & More $12.21 - Amazon / Walmart

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2021.10.23 21:39 Hagen42 Are both parts of the caves and cliff update out now

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