Boruto in Skyrim Episode #13 2021 HD

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2021.10.23 21:51 MajorRasta Boruto in Skyrim Episode #13 2021 HD

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2021.10.23 21:51 superlion1083 New job and person from my past/borderline stalker shows up again and again

I'm a woman if it matters, sorry this is so long.
So I started a new job a couple months ago. I like my coworkers and everything. It's a restaurant.
Then shortly after I started this girl I use to work with "Lucy" came in by herself. Just my luck I happened to be right by the door and I'm sure I had a deer in headlights reaction. She started talking to me "how long have you worked here" etc. That would be normal if Lucy was just my ex coworker.
When Lucy and I worked together we got along at first. Then she got really clingy, asked if I thought she was hot, always touching me or trying to hug me. Whenever I'd be talking to another coworker Lucy would come but in and make it awkward to basically end the conversation. She just was always fallowing me around like a puppy dog and insisted on "helping" with my work instead of doing her own. She was annoying so I tried just ignoring and avoiding her. She became confrontational "why won't you talk to me" "you keep avoiding me" etc and I went to HR. They said it was sexual harassment and she didn't pass her probation period. After she was let go she'd still come there, walk around, come stand down whatever aisle I was working in say something like "hey" or "how's it going" (because I HAD to talk to her since she was a customer), then leave. According to my coworkers if I wasn't there she'd just keep walking around the store looking around.
So back to present. I haven't seen her in years. Since I seen her she comes to the restaurant several times a week sometimes sits in the bar and has water..just water.
She's showing up other places. Like suddenly was walking her dog at the same park I was playing soccer with some friends at. Then I was at target with my girlfriend the other day, Lucy was there and approached us asking if we seen some movie (she had it in her hand) we said no and walked away. I thought that was it, but it was like whatever department we went to there she was 5 minutes later. Even showed up at Walmart, we went there after target.
So lucy is one issue.
My girlfriend thinks I'mover reacting and it'sjust coincidence and "she just needs a friend" and said she'd add Lucy on social media. I told her not to but that became "don't tell me who to talk to" so she friend requested her and Lucy accepted. Lucy messaged her basically "hey how's it going blah blah" now Lucy keeps trying to talk to her and asking my girlfriend to hangout. My girlfriend claims she won't hangout with her but also keeps saying "she might just be lonely, I feel bad for her".
I'm not sure what to do. When it's just me I can handle Lucy, my boss is aware of the situation and said if she crosses a line he'll ban her, I can call the cops if things ever escalate. Someone said get a restraining order but she hasn't actually done anything to warrant that besides showing up public places. I tried brushing this off for as long as I could but this is just annoying and I want her to go away, but if I confront she can deny everything and I'll look delusional.
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2021.10.23 21:51 New_Example7867 Bipartisan legislators demand answers from Fauci on 'cruel' puppy experiments

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2021.10.23 21:51 dogdoonewspaper Best LEGO Technic YouTube channels?

Besides sariel and racingbrick, are there any good lego technic channels?
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2021.10.23 21:51 Hex10n [New Chapter] The Strongest Characters in the World are Obsessed With Me - Chapter 16

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2021.10.23 21:51 cosmonautsteven Ankle piece done at Good Cat Tattoo in Gulfport, MS (artist: Kayla Jester ig: elvish_inkfool)

Ankle piece done at Good Cat Tattoo in Gulfport, MS (artist: Kayla Jester ig: elvish_inkfool) submitted by cosmonautsteven to tattoos [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 21:51 ZoolShop Unboxed Apple MacBook Pro 16 in leaked hands-on video makes the 15-inch MacBook Pro look petite in comparison

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2021.10.23 21:51 PhilosophyTO Philosophical Skepticism vs. Scientific Skepticism – Is Knowledge Possible? | An online presentation and open discussion on October 25, free and open to all

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2021.10.23 21:51 TrendingBot [TRENDING] /r/wallstreetbets - wallstreetbets (+5,878 subscribers today; 140% trend score)

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2021.10.23 21:51 GSTAR1934 Funny or painful😟

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2021.10.23 21:51 L17TL3GUY The game type I love to hate.

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2021.10.23 21:51 GoogleHueyLong Am I missing any Celebrations cards?

From what I can currently tell, there are 98 Celebrations cards, including all promos and jumbo cards, and I’m just trying to see if I’m missing any. My list is as follows:
25 main collection cards
25 classic collection cards
17 promo cards: - Pikachu VMAX - Dragapult Prime - Lance’s Charizard V - Dark Sylveon V - Zacian Lv. X - Mimikyu delta species - Light Toxtricity - Hydreigon C - Pikachu V Union (4 pieces) - Pikachu V - Greninja Gold Star - Pikachu V (gold) - Poke Ball (gold) - Professor Burnett
29 Jumbo Cards - First Partner Cards (24) - Pikachu - Dragapult Prime - Lance’s Charizard V - Dark Sylveon V - Pikachu V Union
2 metal cards - Charizard - Pikachu
I feel like this is all of them, but I could be missing some promo or jumbo card from some product I haven’t looked at closely enough. It’d make sense for there to be one more jumbo card to fill up that jumbo binder you get with the jumbo Pikachu. Thanks for any help.
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2021.10.23 21:51 hahachickengobrr am i doing this right

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2021.10.23 21:51 greenbeandish 28 [M4F] Czech Republic / Online - Czech guy looking for an adult single woman

Hey! I'm going to try and sum up my personality in a form of a short list: bookish, tender-hearted, very serious at times, soft spot for felines (dogs are cool, too, but...), capable of maintaining conversation on a superficial level on a wide variety of subjects.
Oh, right. And then there's my Czech accent 😂
If you feel that neither of those things is a deal-breaker, I'm at your service!
It would be very cool if we are a common passion, amongst the lines of practical philosophy, popular science (physics, biology), psychology, history of religion, cooking, dreaming about a permaculture homestead, etc.
I'm a very audibly-inclined person, so I'm looking for someone who's comfortable with getting to know each other and see if we are on similar wavelengths, through a general polite audio conversation.
Thank you very much for taking time to read this and have a wonderful day!
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2021.10.23 21:51 InvisibleInk42 This show is a perfect example I why I hate everything that has to do with cats.

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2021.10.23 21:51 Yikes_WhyEvenTry Looking for friends to play

I’m good at the game. Just none of my friends play it. Trying to coordinate and work together to beat the game on harder difficulties and to seriously help eachother.
PSN is Yikes_WhyEvenTry
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2021.10.23 21:51 moopiaa i usually get better calorie estimates from here, honestly not sure how many oz for the salmon but i’m just wondering about the salmon

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2021.10.23 21:51 Starchain_14 Several Meters Down 【Avanna】(Original Song)

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2021.10.23 21:51 B1ZZARDNOOB Using Mobile, app crashes when loading CIA file

So I was using the mobile Citra app for the first time, and when I loaded up a CIA file to play a game, my screen went black for a while, and then the app crashed.
I repeated the process several times, always with the same result.
Is there a reason for that?
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2021.10.23 21:51 kimiv2122 Is there a reason my units sometimes attack second in the first phase of arena? Is it rng?

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2021.10.23 21:51 ThisIsBillCakes What were your biggest wins & losses, and what did you learn from both?

Win: Last year (in late July, early August) I bought NIO @ 15$ and sold @ 60$ in January.
Lesson learned: When an opportunity presents itself in a supportive environment, take advantage of it. And be prepared to take a sensible amount of pain until the market catches on.
Loss: This February I naively fell for the "undervalued BB story". Bought @ $13 and only few month's later I eventually sold @ $10. Then, on the same day (Tuesday) I sold BB, in order to quickly recoup the loss, I've bought GME @ $225 (during the ~ 2nd wave run-up). Held through (Tue, Wed, Thu) w/ stop loss at $200 (stupid I know), which got triggered after the price crashed from the high of ~ $350 with multiple halts in between. Result: Account value -50%.
Lessons learned: Be patient and wait until the the price reaches support. Don't bet all-in-one go. Scale in/Scale out. Don't get too greedy.
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2021.10.23 21:51 just_another_person5 Do xbox controllers lag on pc when using bluetooth?

I'm somewhat new to pc gaming and gaming in general (I didn't play much more than Minecraft online before) and recently I downloaded Nier: Automata because I've heard a lot of great things about it but it seems to control awfully on keyboard + mouse. Because of this I was thinking about getting an xbox controller because I'm sure I could make use of it in other games as well but I was wondering if I should expect any lag when playing on bluetooth?
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2021.10.23 21:51 CrowV1 If animals took over the world, how would you adapt to their society?

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2021.10.23 21:51 BJJ_Person Yerba mate in SXM?

Hi everybody,
Basically what the title says. Is there a place to get yerba mate on the island. I know Garden Market has some from time to time but it's some no name one 16$/400g (as I recall) - so not a great deal.
Thanks in advance for any answers.
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2021.10.23 21:51 FarSignificance9977 Look at my birthday present.

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