Land Of The Lost by Greasy Bastard

2021.09.21 17:24 tittyt7991 Land Of The Lost by Greasy Bastard

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2021.09.21 17:24 debramblark22 Overlapping dreams...

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2021.09.21 17:24 vasileandpavel I was asked a few times to make a fuel bottle holder, so I made one. You can adapt it for different saddlebags, I explain how to do this in our 6 minutes tutorial. Tutorial in the first comment.

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2021.09.21 17:24 fulllofit New job

Anyone have any advice for a first time night nanny? I will starting with a newborn in November. The family has mentioned using me to help sleep train at some point during the job.
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2021.09.21 17:24 best_of_badgers Lutherans and ethics

We have an ethical conundrum.
In 1977, a woman went to an abortion clinic and terminated her pregnancy. The fetal cells from her unborn child wound up being used by a hospital laboratory to produce an immortal cell line.
This fetal cell line, and a couple others, has been used around the world for forty years as a way to test new potential medicines against human biology without adding risk for living humans. Drugs you may have heard of include ibuprofen (Advil), pseudoephedrine (Sudafed), albuterol, and Zoloft.
And yes, these same cell lines were used by J&J, Pfizer, and Moderna during R&D to test the safety and efficacy of their COVID vaccines.
The ethical conundrums are thus:
(1) Is it ever sinful for a researcher to use these cells in their research?
(2) Is it ever sinful for a person to receive a drug developed using these cells?
Our Roman Catholic friends have a whole ethical framework for asking and answering these questions. Specifically, they ask whether a choice constitutes cooperation with evil, then subdivide cooperation into various types. From there, you can more easily judge whether a particular choice would be sinful, based on the circumstances.
In this case, the cooperation is so remote, many layers removed from the original abortion, and the benefit to society is so large - millions of lives and trillions of dollars saved - that the Vatican encourages Christians not to worry about receiving the vaccine or other drugs. In fact, the Pope has even hinted that not getting the vaccine might be a sin in some cases, as you are forcing unnecessary risk onto your neighbors. This isn't arbitrary. It's easy to trace this pronouncement back through established principles.
My sense is that Lutherans don't really have a great way of framing these sorts of questions. Not only can Lutherans not agree on ethical behavior - we have a hard time even thinking about ethics. Yeah, we have a few ethical principles laid out in the BOC, but we're also extremely wary of straying too far from grace-through-faith and imposing actual rules. The result is quite vague and ad-hoc. (It also has the odd consequence that Luther's catechism work would not be acceptable in modern Lutheranism.)
So, what can we do about this? Do we need a Lutheran ethics? What would that look like? What would make it specifically Lutheran? Has there been work in this regard?
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2021.09.21 17:24 Wylard Ordered some black soldier fly larvae and they sent me this. Im not entirely sure what this is, i can see the BSFL but the rest of the stuff is a mystery. Can i feed this to my beardie or should I run to the pet store and get some crickets?

Ordered some black soldier fly larvae and they sent me this. Im not entirely sure what this is, i can see the BSFL but the rest of the stuff is a mystery. Can i feed this to my beardie or should I run to the pet store and get some crickets? submitted by Wylard to BeardedDragons [link] [comments]

2021.09.21 17:24 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-leo-longanesi-6

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2021.09.21 17:24 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 17:24 bk112 My iMac user account disappeared and now I can't log in.

This morning I went to log in to my 2017 27"-Inch iMac and everything appeared normal at first. My personal user account was showing and asked me for my password, as always.
However my password didn't work. I checked numerous times, double checking it wasn't a caps lock issue. When it still refused to accept my password, I restarted the iMac. Upon restarting, my personal user account was no longer there and instead replaced solely by "Other...".
Clicking "Other..." prompts me to enter a Name and Password. I tried entering my personal user account's credentials but it doesn't work.
See pictures attached.
The last thing I did on the iMac last night was start a large download (40gb) of some videos. I went to sleep while it was still in the process of downloading. I think my hard drive was already on the brink of being full (my iMac has been very very slow recently) so I'm not sure if the download completed or if it's relevant in any way.
I want to be able to restore my account with it's data. I'm not aware of any time machine back ups I ever manually done. I dont know if that's something Apple automatically does?
I appreciate any and all help. Thank you!
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2021.09.21 17:24 Temporary_Ad8707 Easy $10 from Nexo for depositing $100 (£75 deposit from UK bank account)

Nexo is a cryptocurrency company founded in 2018 offering a range of products (including Nexo Earn.) and offering interest rates up to 12% interest on your deposits (including GBP), with interest paid daily and withdrawal available any time.
They offer new users a free $10 in BTC when they sign up with a referral link and deposit at least $100 (approx. £75) worth of any asset (crypto or fiat) so simply deposit £75. One of the easiest offers around!
Follow this simple step by step and to maximise the money you make and avoid fees.

  1. Sign up through my referral link - worth using PC/laptop to being process
  2. Go to Profile icon in the top right, and click 'My Profile', to verify your identity (you need to pass 'Basic' and 'Advanced' verification which involves uploading a photo of your ID like passport or drivers licence.
  3. Deposit at least $100 worth of any supported asset (crypto or fiat - GBP, EUR, USD). For UK folks all you have to do is deposit £75 from your UK bank account, this should take one working day to arrive. Deposits to Nexo are always free.
  4. Once your deposit is processed, you will see the $10 reward appear as pending in your transaction overview.
  5. Hold your deposit for 30 days and your reward will unlock.
  6. You can now exchange your $10 bitcoin bonus into your local fiat currency (such as GBP) if you'd like.
  7. You can withdraw both your deposit and reward after your bonus has been credited. Fiat withdrawals (GBP/EUUSD) are always free, and Nexo offer at least 1 free crypto withdrawal per calendar month.
For a limited time, you can also get $20 in BTC for every friend you invite who completes the referral steps above. Normally the offer is $10 for both parties, but Nexo have doubled the referrer bonus to $20 until the end of September (new users still get $10).

I've signed up via referral and long term holder, so any questions using it/signing up give me a shout. Its a great platform, really do recommend it.
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2021.09.21 17:24 LegendOfKhaos "Prayer shakes the gates of hell," which I'm sure is sourced, unlike all the data on vaccines, which is obviously just a lie for some reason.

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2021.09.21 17:24 FirefighterOk6916 *LOOKING FOR EXPERIENCED PLAYER*

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2021.09.21 17:24 BestServedColder ITAP of a moth on an abandoned school bus in NM.

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2021.09.21 17:24 solecongames Tiny Spider. Love these Marvel Legends 3.75" retro figures

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2021.09.21 17:24 fTwoEight Ok to mow AFTER aeration to prep for reseeding?

I mowed a bit low on Saturday (not scalped just yet) to start prepping for my overseeing routine. I pay someone to aerate because of my bad shoulder. The guy was supposed to do it next week but he came and did it today while I was at work. Im pretty sure I need to mow again before overseeing. Should I bag? I'm also considerimg throwing my seed down and then mowing but NOT bagging to let the clippings break down on top. Thoughts?
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2021.09.21 17:24 ZombieWeebDude Looking for someone who has a poliwag!! I need a poliwrath to complete my Kanto Dex!!

7475 0505 9718 please!
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2021.09.21 17:24 khdsaf Tucker reacts to latest cause for concern in liberal cities

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2021.09.21 17:24 bolch Ferry to Gosport - Anything worth doing over there

Only lived in Portsmouth for 2 years, and haven't taken the Ferry to Gosport yet. A quick look on Google shows a small shopping precinct, but beyond that is there anything worth going for over walking to Commercial Road e.g. top restaurants, shops missing from Commercial Road etc.
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2021.09.21 17:24 randydp39 P2 vs Aviar

What’s the difference? Honestly.
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2021.09.21 17:24 sopwithvxsfgbs CUTE CAT🥰

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2021.09.21 17:24 markdawsonconsultant $WNRS "Winners, Inc. Subsidiary VegasWINNERS Launches State of Art Sports Gaming Advice and Information Website to Coincide with Football Season 2021 - Featuring Elite Lineup of Sports Betting Experts with more than 21 Professional Handicappers"
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2021.09.21 17:24 JopaJ0y The Russian Geometry dash community (RCGD) is the best and most interesting community (which I am). Ask questions that interest you and I will answer them

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2021.09.21 17:24 xelt1159 Is it possible to transfer players without them rejecting the offer because of their role at their club?

I’m doing a realistic master league and I just transferred from RB Leipzig to Barcelona and I would like to make the new signings such as demir and depay but for example depay doesn’t want to come because of his role same as Garcia and demir is not sure that will be given the opportunity to play. I want to know if there is any way to just transfer them without having to negotiate or if there is a way that they will not reject my offer.
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