New Expansion: Attilan Rising

2021.09.21 15:41 idcris98 New Expansion: Attilan Rising

New Expansion: Attilan Rising *This is a concept I made for a new Expansion. Skip to the bottom for a summary.*

Shield holds an emergency meeting with the Avengers. Mariah Hill explains Nick Fury had been found in a secret AIM outpost. He had been captured after trying to uncover AIMs plans to get to the root of Terrigen and the Inhumans.
The Avengers head to the base to free Nick Fury. They’re awaited by Crossbones and a bunch of AIM thugs and robots, but the Avengers defeat them and free a bunch of captured Inhumans in the process. These Inhumans act strangely as they attack the Avengers. They seem disoriented and posses over various powers (*New Enemy Type). The Avengers successfully apprehend Crossbones and the Inhumans.

New Enemy Type: Random Inhumans
They head back to the Chimera, where Nick tells them about Orollan, the lost city of an ancient Inhuman tribe. That’s where AIM had found the Terrigen to begin their experimentations. Fury doesn’t know how AIM knew about this city or where it was located exactly. They question Crossbones to pinpoint the exact location, but he doesn’t give anything away. He makes references to the events in Wakanda. Black Widow eventually tricks him into giving out information and they find out Orollan’s location: Greenland.

Orollan: Lost Inhuman City
That's where the Avengers are headed next. They arrive in Greenland and trace back AIMs equipment, get into fights with AIM and eventually they spot Orollan. There was no trace left of the Terrigen Crystals, only a bunch of ruins and digging sites. That's when the Wizard appears with a bunch of deformed human-like soldiers (*New Boss and *New Enemy Type). The Wizard teamed up with Monica in search for an unlimited power source. A fight breaks out, but the Wizard manages to escape by burying the Avengers under the ruins of Orollan. They survive, but they have no way of getting out. A bright light blinds the Avengers and a giant bulldog steps out accompanied by a green-scaled monster with fins. It was Triton and Lockjaw. They accuse the Avengers of destroying the sacred Inhuman city, so Triton orders Lockjaw to teleport them back to Attilan, where the Avengers shall stand trial for their crimes against Inhumanity.

New Boss: The Wizard

They're teleported to the blue area of the moon into the hidden city of Attilan. The Avengers follow Triton into the throne room, where the Royal Family awaits: Black Bolt, Medusa, Crystal, Gorgon, Karnak and Maximus. Medusa speaks on behalf of the Royals and demands for the Avengers to explain themselves. The Avengers are completely perplexed and start asking questions. Medusa isn't amused and accuses them of crimes against the Inhumans. Kamala explains to her that she's an Inhuman too.


Attilan on the Moon

The Royal Family

The Royals find out for the first time that there has been a Terrigen outbreak on Earth, which explains their absence. The Avengers tells them about AIMs role in all of this. Maximus accuses the Avengers of making up a story to save their own asses. Black Bolt looks at Karnak, who sees the flaws in all things. He assures Black Bolt that they are telling the truth. Maximus sneaks out of the room.
The Royals invite the Avengers to stay to sort things out until they plan their next step against AIM. Here the Avengers are free to roam around, explore the palace of the Royal Family and interact with Black Bolt, Medusa, Crystal, Karnak, Triton, Gorgon and Lockjaw. The story proceeds with loud explosions in the city of Attilan. AIM has started the invasion of Attilan with Wizard leading the troops. Maximus reveals that he had helped aim uncover the Terrigen Crystals to plot the destruction of Attilan and claim the throne for himself. Turns out the Alpha Primitives and the captured Inhumans have been under his mind control all along (These are the new enemy types from before).

New Enemy Type: Alpha Primitives
The Avengers end up doing a bunch of war zones in the urban area of Attilan, which are conveniently empty, because Lockjaw and the troops of the Royal Family manage to evacuate the city. Crystal now joins them as a playable character. They fight the Wizard again at some point and beat him. Then there's a bunch more missions where you save remaining civilians, stop bombs, protect the palace, etc. And a mission where you have to save Gorgon who's under the influence of Maximus' mind-control. The Avengers beat Gorgon and he uncovers the location of Maximus. There's another boss fight with Maximus.

New Boss: Maximus
During the boss fight he manages to take over the mind of the heroes. You can only free your teammates by beating them (they have a small health bar like regular enemies and only do as much damage as regular enemies), while Maximus is still attacking you using his technological inventions and equipment. Maximus can't mind control all heroes at once and only teammates are affected, not the hero you are playing as.
The Avengers finally beat him and there's a cutscene with Black Bolt and Medusa who thank the Avengers and decide to help out the Inhumans on Earth. Attilan's engines start running and the city takes off, leaves the moon and makes it's way to New Jersey. The Ant-Hill is dissolved, the Inhumans there move to Attilan and Ant-Man joins them to further study the Inhuman technology. All assignments of the Inhuman faction operate from Attilan.

New Region/Hub: Attilan
Black Bolt, Medusa and the rest of the Inhuman Royal Family conveniently can't join you in the fight against AIM, because they have to rebuild the city and aid the new Inhumans (but we all know it's because Black Bolt is too OP and Medusa is too difficult to create a moveset for). Crystal offers to help and becomes an official member of the Avengers.

New Playable Hero: Crystal
There's an end credits scene with Medusa telling the Avengers about the history of the Inhumans and their link to the Kree. They figure out that the Kree Invasion must have something to do with the Inhumans on Earth.

  • New Story revolving around Attilan and the Inhuman Royal Family.
  • Crystal as a new playable character. She controls all the elements: fire, water, air and earth. She can use the air to fly. She can also control electricity, metal and ice.
  • The palace of the Inhuman Royal Family as a new hub and Attilan as a new region for war zones. You can interact with the Royals.
  • New drop zones, threat sectors and a new daily villain sector with Wizard, which take place in Attilan.
  • New Mission type: ''Sparring Sessions'' (couldn't come up with a better name tbh). You fight Gorgon in a training match (since he's not a villain and can't be used in a villain sector). This is going to be one of the daily missions from the Inhuman faction every other day in place of the Villain Sector. The devs could make other Sparring Session matchups against other Heroes that are already playable.
  • New Raid with Maximus as the big bad.
  • Ant-Hill is dissolved. All Inhumans there plus Hank Pym move to Attilan. The Inhuman faction now operates from there. Except Agent Garza is gone doing something else and Triton is in command of the faction now. All war zones in Attilan are only accessible through Lockjaw. No Quinjet sequence. The loading screen will be petting Lockjaw in Attilan's palace until the game loads and he teleports you out.
  • New Major Artifact: Terrigen Crystal. Lockjaw teleports in with Gorgon, who then both help you out in battle.
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Like, what can you say about the Libs that you can’t say about the Cons, and vice versa (as well as the NDP, Greens, and BQ).
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it says just 351 and math206 (which is fully online). I've been dying to have justin and was hoping to have him for at least one of my MATH ULC classes. u/justinwyssgallifent
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Since the NFL season has started back up I've noticed something really odd, my local FOX affiliate (WHNS) seems to be broadcasting in 30fps vs 60fps. 30fps vs 60fps is a big deal when it comes to watching sports. The motion seems much less fluid and I'm hyper-sensitive to things like frame rate. It's especially jarring to flip between the game on CBS broadcasting in a smooth 60fps and then come back to the Game on FOX slugging along in 30fps.
Just to make it clear I am not using a streaming service, this is coming straight from my OTA antenna.
Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this with their local affiliates? It seems very strange to me!
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Previously with my 5600X and MSI B450 Gaming plus I could disable motherboard/CPU PBO limits and the CPU would just eat up as much power as the motherboard could deliver and shoot straight up to 95c.
Enter my new 5800X and B550 Gaming Plus and I disable the PBO limits and it just tops out around 130-140PPT and nowhere near 90c. I have my PBO limits set lower than this anyway but wondered why I couldn't get my 5800X to draw whatever it wanted just for a short time while I adjusted from Ryzen Master and performed some benchmarks.
My case airflow is excellent and have a Scythe Fuma 2 cooler.
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I enabled Apollo in Safari extension and put always. Any link I click on still opens up in Reddit App and never redirects it to Apollo App like video shows.
Anyone else having this issue?
1.11 iOS 15 iPhone 12 Pro Max Since latest update
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Hi all,
I’ve been doing a lot of research for CO2 and I’m a bit overwhelmed. Can you fantastic folks provide any suggestions for additional resources? Mostly, what I’m looking for is recommdations on brands and starter sets. There seems to be a ton out there and the differences don’t seem that apparent.
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Hi folks, since our company does not have SCCM, I'm currently looking for an alternative method to automate BIOS updates. Any suggestions from you, especially using PowerShell, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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