In just one year....

Richardson Reads One Book. Author William Kent Krueger will be in Richardson Sept. 14 at First United Methodist Church to speak about his novels “This Tender Land” and “Ordinary Grace,” the 2020 and 2021 Richardson Reads One Book selections. “One riot, one ranger,” was the reply, as he went off to get down to business. Fast forward a few years and the riot is the amount of information that comes at us on a daily basis. It’s the kind of riot in which you want to stand out, have people point at you and say, “Let’s get them!” Cargo Tracking. User Guide. BL No. or Booking No. Container No. Purchase Order No. All. Please enter only the last 12 characters of ONE BL number, without the prefix "ONEY". Our system does not accept House BL number assigned by NVOCC or Freight Forwarder. Total : 0. The date and time in this menu are the local date and time. One definition is - being a single unit or thing. How to use one in a sentence. Using one as a Pronoun The mission of the Richardson Reads One Book program is to promote and support reading, and to develop aesthetic, cultural, educational, and related activities for the benefit of participating residents of the Richardson/RISD area. The goals of RROB are to build community participation in an annual program that selects and reads one particular ... ONE is the global container shipping company headquartered in Singapore and offering an extensive liner network service covering over 100 countries. Login to OneDrive with your Microsoft or Office 365 account. One.IU. View Announcements Toggle menu. Search for Tasks . search submit. Browse Categories. All IU Campuses All IU Campuses; multiselectable menu. Filter by role: All Roles. Home … View Announcements ... Get more done with Microsoft 365. Create your best work with the latest versions of Word, Excel, and other Office apps. Plus, get 1 TB of cloud storage, document sharing, ransomware recovery, and more with OneDrive. Learn more. Details. Address: 11880 Greenville Ave. Suite 120. Dallas, TX 75243. Hours. 24 / 7. Advanced Notice: 2 working days, not more than 14 days. Number of days in advance of a digging project that you need to notify the one call center of your intent to dig.

2021.09.21 17:24 IronWolve In just one year....

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2021.09.21 17:24 Yodartist Any mistakes in this tiny sentence?

Hello. Have I made any mistakes in this sentence?
"Ilya Yod uses cubes to create paintings, sculptures, graphics and digital pieces. In his works, the artist explores man penetration into digital, and builds future hypotheses based on a present perception."
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2021.09.21 17:24 eisenoise agoraphobia summed up in a single meme

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2021.09.21 17:24 jacksonwhipple In Harry Potter, the missing piece of creating a horcrux involves preforming a dementor’s kiss on yourself and/or planting a false memory in yourself.

In Harry Potter we know that to create a horcrux you need to murder someone, which internally splits your soul, but then you have to remove that part of the soul from your body and place it in an object.
JK Rowling never officially disclosed what actually goes into removing the split soul from yourself as it was considered too dark and disgusting. Some theories involve cannibalism, blood rituals and necrophilia. Although the bodies of Tom Riddle’s victims didn’t show any mark of that.
Since dementors are able to suck out someone’s soul with the dementor’s kiss, I would think that whatever spell or magical ritual is used to make horcruxes does something similar.
Dementors feed on people’s worst memories. A patronus charm is what’s used to defend against dementors, and it is powered by someone’s happiest memories. The first part of my theory is that to suck out your own soul you need to amplify your worst memories, or diminish your all your good ones. Perhaps with some form of self torture.
Going a bit further, we also know that it’s possible to plant false memories, perhaps you have to implant a particularly heinous memory into yourself. One that’s not true, but one you temporarily believe.
If we go with the false memories theory it would stand to reason that the memories have to be incredibly horrible. It could be anything, or might differ from person to person. Going with Tom Riddle’s history and the themes of the Harry Potter series, I would guess the wizard who wants to remove part of their soul has to believe for a moment that they tortured, raped and killed their mother.
While Tom Riddle did kill his father and grandparents, “matricide is the most unbearable crime of all, most unbearable for the son who commits it” (Psycho 1960). Tom had no love for his father and more than likely had no problem killing him. Though even if he couldn’t feel love for his mother, he was carried by her and probably has at least some respect for her as she was a pure blood wizard. He may not has loved his mother, but she loved him.
The wizard making the horcrux doesn’t need to spend their whole live believing it, just every time they want to remove their soul they have to preform a spell to temporarily make them believe it. The way I see it is that they have to extinguish any and all forms of love from themselves, which also explains why the love protection spell Lily gave to Harry was also able to split Tom’s soul.
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2021.09.21 17:24 lab001 The Soulquarians

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2021.09.21 17:24 rgoff31-psn Maine Records 20 More COVID-19 Deaths to Pass 1000 Mark

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2021.09.21 17:24 TerrorTroodon is it possible to have a webhook to post blog updates?

I've got a felting discord and when I update my blog I want it to post there's been an update with a link to the new blog post. I've done a google form webhook before but am wondering if there's a way to do it with a WordPress blog. i know there's an article out there but it has to have you make an account with new programs. is there a way to do this without that?
how would i go about doing this?
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2021.09.21 17:24 Thexthy My weirdly misshapen bottle

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2021.09.21 17:24 TwistedMechanixTX This is absolutely insane! But why am I not surprised....

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2021.09.21 17:24 Fix-Forward We are the flame! Sharing my recent Afflicted and Virtuous torch tattoos!

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2021.09.21 17:24 Kaje26 I was born with spina bifida and have severe concentration problems. I do the best I can, but it definitely affects my work. I read that antibiotics early in life can affect brain development, I was on antibiotics frequently early in life. Is there anything I can do to treat these possible effects?

Something that’s not expensive. I was also on an IV antibiotic at 6 months old because I got meningitis. I had two neuropsychological tests, both were average. So of course nobody believes me.
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2021.09.21 17:24 Spider-Ranger Another one of my old drawings, the Lizard from around 2011

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2021.09.21 17:24 jonbalderh New headboard remix! Also says he put third side of tape on spotify

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2021.09.21 17:24 CouTHeBoss Inside Serie A - 21st September 2021

Soccercatch | English | 26:15 | 1080p
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2021.09.21 17:24 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 17:24 berticus28 Hinges for Lazy Susan

Moved in to an apartment and noticed these hinges on the lazy susan seemed way too large.
Doing some basic reading it seems like we should get hinges sized to the small hole where the hinge is placed based on the degree of the opening, we think its 165 degrees. Are there any other ways to figure out what size hinges we need? Are there smaller, medium sized, and larger hinge sizes? I really don't know much about this so any help, links, or manuals or general guidance is appreciated.
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2021.09.21 17:24 regular502 Please help

Hello guys,
I am a 33 year old male having a discussion with my 33 year old female wife (She is an attractive women, more attractive than I am). I appreciate any comment whether it is confirming my worries or if I am wrong please mention it, anything helps. This problem has hurt me in the past and it hurt me today. This isn't anything life or death.
In the past my wife has had instagram conversations with a young guy that is a pretty boy, influencer, singer and very provocative (sexually) 21 year old. This guy would call her nicknames and send her reactions to her pictures implying he enjoyed them having conversations, saying whe was pretty. Since he is a singer and my wife likes to sing she would mention that they should sing together sometime. We are a traditional couple with 3 kids and I was dissapointed to find out she hid this from me. She admitted she would not like to have this type of Instagram pen pal conversations with a younger girl who is that provocative from my side. The nicknames were very dissapointing to me as well as the whole conversation which she agreed were highly inappropriate although noting sensual. I understand on it's own its not that serious but she is very cold to me in our relationship especially through chat. This made me feel insecure and a sense of unfairness as I wouldn't have these types of relationships.
She promised this would not happen again. But recently a kid 20 year old blonde, influencer moved a couple of houses away. She mentioned he started following her and she followed back. I quietly mentioned I found that worrying but didn't say anything more. Yesterday was her birthday and we had close family in the house. Everyone was surprised (including me) this kid had come to the close knit family party. After he left members from her family and mine asked why he was even here? He shared awful drunk driving stories and was generally what you'd expect a 21 year old pretty boy influencer would say which is stories about partying, hooking up with girls, etc.. which has nothing to do with a family party.
After everyone left I asked her about it and she said the kid had started to talk to her via Instagram. She mentioned that he insisted on having a drink with her to celebrate. She said she could come to the family party but he insisted on wanting to come and help before everyone arrived. She asked him to buy batteries or something which he did. I thought the whole thing was highly unappropriate but nothing fatal.
The worrying thing is she agreed it was inappropriate and said he was pushy through Instagram. I asked her to show me to understand this. I never invade her privacy or ask to see her private phone. She deleted the conversation and says she doesn't remember details but she agrees it was inappropriate but harmless.
Being a traditional couple in a 13 years old relationship, with 3 kids and having gone through basically the same inapropriate behavior I am feeling sad, pissed, insecure and I feel its inappropriate.
Any advice would help as I am feeling very bad about this,
Thanks to people who comment in any way
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2021.09.21 17:24 float12345 🔮 Utopia | DEX | Launchpad | Crowdfunding platform | BTC Bridge | Anti-bot/Anti-whale 🔮 | Presale WL opportunity

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2021.09.21 17:24 TransRational Football Jersey etiquette

I live in Phoenix. My buddies from LA (Niners fans) are driving into town and we’re going to the Cardinals game coming up on the 10th. I’ve been a Packers fan for over 20 years, and I’ve lived in Phoenix for over ten, and I was always taught that no matter who your favorite team is, you always support the local team too (obv. except for when they’re playing each other).
But how far does that extend? When I go to the game with them, is it appropriate to wear a Cardinals shirt/Jersey? Esp. to be an antagonist to them? Or should I just wear one of my Packers Jerseys? Right now I don’t even own a Cardinals shirt.
This will be my first NFL game I’ve ever attended in person.
Side note: I’m also going to the Packers game when they come into town at the end of October and I’m friggin’ stoked about it.
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2021.09.21 17:24 Chiko001 Closest thing we can get SR reboot on mobile (Gangstar New Orleans and Gangstar Vegas) But more grounded ofc hehehe If you dont look closely you cant tell the difference.

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2021.09.21 17:24 nabkawe5 A video about saving progress in video games.

Since Ahoy retro knowledge is vast, I'm interested about the history of saving progress in console games (before the age of platform based save files)
I understand how they work in theory but I can't find a source that explains it well. A great example of a game with a very accurate save method is Tiny Toons Adventures on Sega consoles.
It would be a trip to look through all the games that had it, how it works, and the effect of saving progress on how hard can you make a game.
(Sidenote I didn't know I could save progress in Tiny Toons Imagine how good I became to reach higher levels.
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2021.09.21 17:24 PGamerX The one and only monkeyuser

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2021.09.21 17:24 Upper_Piano1809 Burry Tweet, the begining of the end is now!

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2021.09.21 17:24 CommenceTheWentz Is there an easy way to know what team a player is on?

This is my biggest frustration with the game and I have no idea if I’m just stupid and there’s an easy way to tell, or if this is really an issue. I can’t figure out what team anybody plays for, especially for special event cards like the MVP or Cy Young or whatever. If their picture doesn’t have a team logo clearly visible, I end up having to just Google what team that player was on in that year and I feel like there has to be a better way. Is there a single place in everybody’s player card or something that tells you the team? Does anyone know what I’m talking about or is this just crazy rambling?
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