I need help, what if the f(x) = is a fraction with a real number on the numerator and variable minus a real number on the denominator? and the given has a radical sign with a variable minus a real number? Example:

2021.09.21 15:52 HairyFrotter69 I need help, what if the f(x) = is a fraction with a real number on the numerator and variable minus a real number on the denominator? and the given has a radical sign with a variable minus a real number? Example:

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2021.09.21 15:52 Frat21 Who wins? PPR / Redraft

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2021.09.21 15:52 throw_that_ass4Jesus Clothing companies failing to carry small sizes is just as bad as them not carrying large sizes

I totally understand why larger women are so frustrated by clothing stores failing to carry big sizes, but quite honestly, I’m tired of hearing it. As a petite woman maxi dresses are automatically out for me. Jeans? They better come in a short size or it’s not happening. Bras? Nah girl this one doesn’t even come in a 32A. Don’t even get me started on freaking Amazon. Why does NOTHING come in an extra small? But you never hear women complain about this because it sounds conceited. I’m just saying either we should push for a wider range of sizes both larger AND smaller or we should stop complaining about this problem all together. I just think it’s a load of crap that I should basically be told “go shop in the juniors department” meanwhile people are willing to fight for plus size women to find clothing more easily.
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2021.09.21 15:52 Appropriate_Fox_5291 Question on bluetooth keyboard?

My mac keyboard is not working so I'm using a bluetooth keyboard. I want to turn off my mac & when I turn it back on it'll ask for my password.
Now, can I use my bluetooth keyboard to input the password? Will it still be connected?
(Sorry if this question sounds dumb!!)
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2021.09.21 15:52 jagoveni Do they cut movies to the music? Or do the composer's look at a movie scene and make the music to it?

This question came to my mind whilst listening to Hans Zimmer's - TickTock from Interstellar.
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2021.09.21 15:52 Low_Plate9741 Die philippinische Gemeinschaft verteidigt die Vormachtstellung der Weißen...

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2021.09.21 15:52 katbrnd Scale on Flapjack?

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2021.09.21 15:52 Orphic25 Please Help! Being audited for Independent Contractor/Employee Determination

TLDR - I make money from Amazon Royalties KDP and through Amazon Mturk. The NJ Department of Labor believes I have a business that I haven’t filed taxes on. I do not, and now they are requesting previous tax info from Amazon.com LLC. Not sure what to do? Any feedback is appreciated.
Hi everyone,
I have a dilemma that I would love to obtain expert advice on. If you can help me, I really appreciate it. If not, thanks for reading anyway.
I recently received a letter from the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development about my payments from amazon.com LLC. They are asking for my taxes from 2017-2020 under the R.S.43.:21 - 19(i)(6)(a)(b)(c) of NJ unemployment compensation law.
Please note, I’ve never applied for unemployment, even though I qualify as I make a very small amount of money. I've also been exempt from health insurance penalties since I make so little.
They are asking for my Federal Income Tax Returns - Forms 1040 Schedule C, Form 1065, or Form 1120, 1120S.
I believe I have only filed for 1099 miscellaneous, and have always paid taxes. I’m not sure what I did wrong.
I’ve emailed them my tax information dating back 2017-2020, but I’m not sure how this all works and if I will be summoned to court or anything of that nature. I don’t have the means to hire a lawyer, so I'm worried about that. I would love to get this squared away as soon as possible.
Thank you in advance!
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2021.09.21 15:52 deathkronos69 and L is just eating his cake

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2021.09.21 15:52 Happy-Strawberry24 How can I progress with my relationship when I am struggling with my bf's transition?

Okay, first, I wanted to say that I don't hate transgender people or people who don't belong in the stereotypical male-female position. I 100% agree that a man doesn't have to be "alpha" and that a female doesn't have to be "ladylike".
But I (19F) am struggling with my relationship with my current BF (20M). Since the first time we met, it felt good immediately, and we kept talking and talking until I had to catch the train. We went to the park and talked for almost 4 hours on our second date. Both of us had a great time; he brought the drinks, and I got the snacks. He was very gentle and asked my consent for everything (holding hands, an arm around my shoulders). So we ended up with a kiss.
Fast forward a couple of months, and he had become my bf. We see each other almost every week. When we're together, we go places and enjoy each others company. We talk about our days, our hopes and dreams and already a bit about the future. My bf is still very kind and doesn't quibble, for example, about money - he pays for lunch, I pay for coffee with snacks at 3.
From the beginning of our relationship, was he sincere with me that he was transgender and was born as a girl instead of a boy? I really didn't mind back then, and I still see him just as the person he is.
Once I asked him when he was "done" with his transition. I was genuinely interested; I have no experience in my family or friends with transition, and I don't know how long such a medical course is or how it develops. The answer from him got me doubting: he said he wasn't interested in going further yet. What I know is that he's been on testosterone for quite a time now, and two months ago, his formed breasts were removed. But "down there", he's still female (pure biologically speaking). And that's fed me up. At some point, he really went for it to take it to bed, but I can't bring myself to it.
It's kinda fucking with my mind: I am with a person I really like, and if I wanted to have sex, I'd surely choose him. But then, do we have to have to make love as two women? And not "yet", so I have to wait (I can), but when? And what if he's never ready to be fully committed as a male? When I ask him about it, he kinda dodges the question and doesn't know it himself. I find it hard to wrap my head around this, and because of this obstacle, I find it difficult to progress as it feels like our relationship hits a cliff. When I ask him about this, he kinda dodges the question and doesn't know it himself.
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2021.09.21 15:52 LaromTheDestroyer The lasting impact of the Covid crisis on economic potential

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2021.09.21 15:52 ElChuchoBarracho I’m trying to make a 3d model of Mudflap from ROTF for a GTA V mod. Would anyone be willing to take some pictures of their Mudflap figure (any ROTF Mudflap figure will do)? I don’t have one available. I’d be very thankful! Here’s a template with the views that I need (front, back, both sides, top).

I’m trying to make a 3d model of Mudflap from ROTF for a GTA V mod. Would anyone be willing to take some pictures of their Mudflap figure (any ROTF Mudflap figure will do)? I don’t have one available. I’d be very thankful! Here’s a template with the views that I need (front, back, both sides, top). submitted by ElChuchoBarracho to transformers [link] [comments]

2021.09.21 15:52 Dependent_Method_446 Reflection Williams Color Of The Wind: Alce12 & Christina Aguilera [ravedj]

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2021.09.21 15:52 dazyspace Am I cis?

So I’m AFAB, but haven’t ever really felt like a female. I haven’t felt male either, despite being perceived as such for the majority of my life and being misgendered and called he/him/sir etc. I’m 5’7”, very hairy, have masculine facial features and a deep voice. This is just the way I am genetically. I’m also not stereotypically the most “feminine” person out there cause too many people are caught up in gender norms.
I don’t remember the last time I was regarded as a female and any time I talk, even over the phone I get referred to as a man.
It’s gotten to the point I feel uncomfortable saying I’m a girl/woman and almost feel like an imposter. I don’t want people to think I’m joking or saying I’m female for some weird reason. I also feel imposter compared to other young women my age when I hear their high pitched voices and see how naturally feminine they look, meanwhile even with makeup I look like a man.
Like I said, I feel uncomfortable with male labels too despite the fact I always expect them whenever I appear anywhere. But I don’t want a male body or to actually live as male.
Am I cis and just insecure about myself? I wonder if I’d have these thoughts if so many people hadn’t reacted so strangely to me being a girl
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2021.09.21 15:52 Common_Echo_9061 A bomb blast in eastern Nangarhar province has killed at least seven people

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2021.09.21 15:52 JjaNix Im working on a Custom Hangzhou spark playing card deck. It would mean a lot to me if you were to check it out :)


Processing img y4kvtt843vo71...
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2021.09.21 15:52 Funslinger [NS] A guisarme is about 2 degrees away from a billhook polearm. So I guess Henry is a fan of the Bills in more ways than one!

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2021.09.21 15:52 joeskunk $ENSC - an overlooked de-spac redemption trade

$ENSC - an overlooked de-spac redemption trade I will not re-hash the whole de-spac redemption trade concept.
What matters here is this became popularized in late August as $IRNT gained traction. To establish some credibility, I was perhaps the first to highlight this dynamic.
On Aug 27: https://www.reddit.com/SPACs/comments/pcpzke/irnt_spacs_own_amc_and_gme_event_in_the_making/
And later was among the first to highlight the potential of $TMC (at the time $SOAC). This one still seems early - but the idea has clearly gained traction and entered the 'big 3' of these trades with traction on the main WSB sub.
On Sept 7:
Bottom line is - I like to find compelling special situations well ahead of the crowd and let the market come to me. So back to $ENSC...these trades started gaining traction in late august and you would be hard pressed to find one that did not yield stupid returns for at least one point over the past month.
What folks are missing - there was a bio-tech de-spac that took place a couple of weeks prior to $IRNT setting the world on fire. And this calculation has it as ~200k float. That is 1/10 the float or $IRNT - and much smaller than any of these. Note $EFTR, $HLBZ, $AGIL are roughly in the ~500k - 1m range and have been the most recycled and highly volatile...all without the benefit of options, simply because their float is so much lower than any others.
So what happened with $ENSC - it simply de-spac'd when the conventional wisdom was all SPACs are worthless and were immediately sold / shorted to hell. And this is where it remains today. Despite continuing to have a stupid low float.
I find this compelling because as potentially the most volatile of these tickers, and trading at 3 / share - the risk / reward here seems extremely favorable. It has been common for these to run to 30. If that occurs this would be a 10x. What is the down-side here? I am assuming that is trading already somewhere near fair valuation, since no one seems to be jumping on the thing as a swing or day trade - it might be reasonable to assume the price is at least somewhat fair and being determined by largely fundamental investors.
This strikes me as very attractive vs something like $AGIL - with a similar profile - a run to 30 would be a 2x and a drop to 3 would be an 80% loss. Do this comparison with an de-spac redemption play. You will be hard-pressed to find something sweeter than $ENSC.
So what does this company do? They are a biotech company that is looking to be part of the solution to the opiod crisis - by developing better main management medication. This is market that is well understood by most traders. See $VLON as an example of a company working in the same space and went on a tear when discovered. Anyway - the full slides are here. Lots of eye candy:
Here is the caveat - I can't make out the conditions and timing for the rest of the shares to be unlocked. If anyone wants to chime in here, would be generally appreciated.



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2021.09.21 15:52 spumpadiznik COmMiSsIoN fReE tRaDiNg

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2021.09.21 15:52 r0ttenth The kettle broke again.

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2021.09.21 15:52 redditorroshan Trouble downloading notes from the iCloud onto the iPhone XR.

I recently deleted a lot of media from WhatsApp because the storage was at almost 95% capacity. I used the delete all chat options in WhatsApp to clear space. Later, when I tried opening the Note app, I realized that all of the Notes that I have are unable to download the attachments. I don't know how to download them otherwise. Please help me.
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2021.09.21 15:52 tigerkneesup I agree with her about thinking for yourself but this is just top level cringe.

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2021.09.21 15:52 demonol Pokémon UNITE is launching on Mobile!

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2021.09.21 15:52 Acrobatic_Ad_5482 My favorite changed transfur

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2021.09.21 15:52 rbizzle01 Bubba, y’not a drawl

This is for his Saturday show. You can get 22 tickets seated together in awl these rows. I’m buying them now if any cats wanna join cos they’ll be selling fast I’m sure.
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