What is a Blockchain and how does it work on Bitcoin?

2021.09.21 17:14 leftok What is a Blockchain and how does it work on Bitcoin?

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2021.09.21 17:14 IamIamSuperman Faith Crisis vs Faith Adventure

I never had a faith crisis. I underwent my change from TBM to a contented, but rather generic one-size-fits-all theist without intermediation of people like Runnels, JD, RFM, Bill Reel, Chino, etc. Bushman was enough for me!
I guess I just float along and do my own thing. And I loved it--an adventure in expanding horizons.
In any event, as a result , I came late the reddit party, like the proverbial alien taking a first look. I have to say, guys, I was really surprised at a bunch of stuff here. I've lurked for a long while now, trying to figure it out and I'm still perplexed.
My biggest observations, in order:

So my question is this: is there a better way?
It's easy to say: those negatives seen in our community are just natural, healthy reactions to the [insert pejorative/expletive] church, like that guy in Forest Gump who beats on Jenny and then blames that damn Richard Nixon.
My question rephrased: if you could start at the beginning, say 2012 before the CES letter, how would you go about producing a better outcome for more people?
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2021.09.21 17:14 WhiteMass What surprised you the most about growing up?

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2021.09.21 17:14 Otherwise-Coyote-925 Is this the typical corporate finance job?

Hey i want an opinion on my analyst job.
Long story short, coming from a difficult family and went straight to 3 years big 4 (therefore i am depressed much) Jumped ship to industry and i have mixed signals (some very good, some very meh) and i was wondering if this is standard for you guys too.

Most of my time is spent updating excel templates for management. Other people of team kind off use the files like a black box. They know the general sense of the file but not all the technicalities.
So far same applies for me, i understand shit of what i am doing, but i have a general sense to check files or know who to ask for opinion.
The few people that actually know (and dont fix the files blindly) sometimes are sceptical on telling you how it works (fear of losing advantage?)
So pretty much all day we update meaningless templates for the PnL without deep understanding. Management is happy, we are kinda happy. Is it as good as it gets?
I am starting to think of exit opps even with less money to find something more fullfilling like operations or marketing (yes i have hobbies but i want to like my job too), dunno if i am overracting
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2021.09.21 17:14 antianit thing i saw last night

a picture of a statue of jesus with a poorly edited hard hat on his and a hammer and tool box in his hand doing that cheap side to side walk and going "oh boy time to work)
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2021.09.21 17:14 Cheese_Enthusiest My first attempt at trying to draw the Jt music skull. Did it during art class

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2021.09.21 17:14 kralperx karşılaştırma sayfaları be like

omg alım gücümüz düştü 😡😡 2012 de döner 3 tlymiş 2020 de 15 tl 😥 amerikada 1 dk çalışıp 50+1 ev alabilirken türkiyede 5000 sene çalışıp 1 aylık kira ödeyebilirsin😞 bak şimdi 2010 da bir bitcoin 1 tl yani asgari ücretle 1000 tane bitcoin alabilirdin 2021 de bir bitcoin 400k tl yani asgari ücretle 0.007 bitcoin alabiliyorsun bu da alım gücümüzün düştüğünü gösterir 😪 birim hesapla birim herşey birim 😃 evet dostum yine koyduk😎 almanya bizi kıskanıyor(!) 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 sor bakıyım amerikada beypazarı var mı 🤠
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2021.09.21 17:14 theusxavi777 Recruiting for L6 alliance!

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2021.09.21 17:14 thatcrazyanimallady 14yo male cat has been on/off his food for a few days, tests are normal.

Clinical history: Mild arthritis, he’s prescribed 0.3mg meloxicam daily (with food). Idiopathic cystitis, for which he’s been on Hills prescription Urinary + Stress Multicare diet since February. Recent 6 month recheck (5th september) showed no crystals in urine, but there were some inflammatory cells and bacteria, so he was put on a 7 day course of 125mg amoxyclav twice daily with the plan to recheck and do a bacterial culture this week. He also had routine bloods done on the 5th (bc of his meloxicam) which came back normal.
My 14yo cat went from perfectly fine on Saturday night, to refusing his food on Sunday morning. He also seemed a bit withdrawn. This was a huge red flag, and I contacted our emergency vet - they told me to isolate him and monitor throughout the day. On Sunday evening he barely ate half of his dinner and hadn’t used his litter tray all day, so I took him in. He pooped in the carrier on the way, and they said it was very loose and full of grass when the vet nurses cleaned him up for me. They ran basic blood panels and said his potassium was slightly low and his PCV was at 24%, but everything else was normal. His abdomen seemed quite sore, so they did an ultrasound to check for free fluid and said they didn’t see anything, although he was very agitated and squirmy. They made sure there were no blockages anywhere, gave him a buprenorphine shot and said they were happy to discharge him so I could follow up with our regular vet for further investigation.
Yesterday, I took him to his regular vet and she ordered a much broader set of blood tests through a pathology lab and checked him over. His abdominal soreness seemed to have resolved, vitals were fine. She compared the bloods from the ER vet to his recent 6 month checkup (on 30/8) and they all matched up with the exception of the potassium and PCV. Last night he ate a full dinner portion. This morning, I took him back in as he was off his food again and the vet said he seemed physically fine upon examination. We also got the results from his blood tests back and his PCV is back up to 31%, the only abnormality is mild monocytosis. I don’t have a copy of the actual results, however the profile ordered covers the following: CBC, CK, AST, ALT, ALP, GGT, bilirubin, urea, creatinine, glucose, cholesterol, Na, K, Cl, total protein, albumin, globulin, calcium, phosphorus.
She said we can try boiled chicken for his appetite issues, but the only other options she can think of would be to do another abdominal ultrasound, this time at the specialist vet clinic - which I wouldn’t be able to get an appointment for until next week. I was just wondering if anyone here had any suggestions for other tests I should ask fothings I should consider, because this is a cat who is usually aggressively enthusiastic about his food and he’s just not himself.
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2021.09.21 17:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.09.21 17:14 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 17:14 neomagazinroyale Aurel Mertz vs. Caro Worbs – Screenshots Fired Part 3 | ZDF Magazin Royale

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2021.09.21 17:14 kittyknuckles94 How would you handle this type of ‘dating’?

I’m confused simply because me and this guy started on a mutual understanding of the 3 following things: 1. We prioritize sexual attraction and if that is present we can grow from it. 2. We both of have young kids (4 and under) that we primarily care for and do not have time to go on a lot of dates/invest in babysitters. 3. We are both incredibly busy due to having kids AND him running two businesses and my very involved job that I travel hours for.
Now that being said, we have a generally childlike vibe. I’m bubbly and eccentric and expressive, he is a quiet type. We also joke around about being ‘toxic’ and this is where it ends up being so he doesn’t respond in time or he jokes and I get annoyed and then we joke-argue over it and get over it.
We have known each other a month, and met three times. Always later in the day and at home though he did take me on quite a fun adventure. I know that normally this is a red flag, but the way our schedules are this is what usually works. We don’t just have sex in this time, instead we talk a whole lot and then sometimes we’ll FaceTime and every single time these interactions last for hours.
I did start to wonder if this was an fwb situation and so I asked him just so my expectations are right. Here is the summary of what he had to say:

  1. He thinks I’m obsessed with him but the feeling is mutual.
  2. Just because he’s quiet doesn’t mean he is not interested.
  3. He would love for me to be his girlfriend but he doesn’t want to rush things.
  4. If he was in it for the sex, he wouldn’t sit around talking to me for hours.
  5. He is genuinely busy and has a lot going on. We did have a talk where he said he doesn’t want me to think he is messing me around that he just doesn’t know what he wants and that talk progressed into him saying he likes me more than I know but why rush, why not enjoy the moment (since I get super anxious)
Now my question is where to from here? We met last Saturday through Sunday but we haven’t talked since and to be honest there’s nothing to talk about. I’m busy and have work to do and I’m trying to ignore my friends saying negative things and understand he might be busy as well. We have both had awful divorces so I understand going slow I just don’t know how this whole dating process works. My plan is to just not say anything this week and let him initiate
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2021.09.21 17:14 MoonBlade265 Lineup for tomorrow’s festival and substances listed in comments

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2021.09.21 17:14 JohnBGoo iGPU Intel HD 4600 dual monitor OC configuration

I tried them all by following the instructions these on how patch my IGPU Intel but evidently mistakenly.
Someone passes a valid config.plist to configure Dual Monitor in DVI and HDMI.
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2021.09.21 17:14 depoultry Is Yubikey no longer supported?

I just got a yubikey and when I follow the instruction on the Binance website, I can't find the option to setup a security key. Is it no longer support?
Support scammers, dont waste your time.
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2021.09.21 17:14 leftok Bitcoin daily chart alert - Bears may now be exhausted - Sep. 21

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2021.09.21 17:14 andriv11 Can anyone give me your impressions about companies that they advise people to inmigrate?

I found a company that is going to birth 25 years so they are giving frees advises, so I'm going to take one. Some poeple I've read on the web says that they are not too good in this business cause usually they say things that are not true, now I do not know if I should take a session with them or not.
The fact here is that I don't know if I can say the name's company but maybe you could help me
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2021.09.21 17:14 PsychadelicGarden **RARE** Type: Sour Cream and Onion

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2021.09.21 17:14 PlaneBoyMemes I may or may not have went beserk.

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2021.09.21 17:14 a-horse-has-no-name I suppose in McConnell's case it's actually a turtle playing basketball, and somehow still winning.

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2021.09.21 17:14 AccomplishedSyrup685 Apes be Boogie-ing 🦍

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2021.09.21 17:14 theterk Microsoft Removes Some of Windows 11's Cruft With App 'Stubs,' Optional Drivers

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2021.09.21 17:14 Getafixy Just came out to 3 friends this week 😅,

So today I came out today 3 of my female friends that I’m gender fluid and Bi, one ex and two close and open friends. It went really well and my ex was super supportive and as she’s still friends with my mum I had to find out before hand what her views are on keeping it to herself till I can build the courage to be open with my mum and sister, she also thought that I’m fairly right not to tell my dad as he wouldn’t take it well, thank goodness for modern divorced families
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2021.09.21 17:14 night_howler_grt The best part about the Undertaker's American badass character.

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